Full of function and features, keep drinks cold and food fresh on the road with the ARB 12V 50Qt Classic Series Fridge/Freezer.


THERE ARE FEW ITEMS that can provide the comfort of home for when you’re on the road. For some it’s a warm shower, for others it’s household plates and cutlery. But for many, it’s the comfort of being able to reach into a cool box on a hot day and pull out a cold beverage.

There are a slew of choices out there for 12V fridges these days.

However, if you stick to one of the mainstream brands like ARB, Dometic, or Engel, you will be sure to get a quality product. I have the ARB 50Qt Classic Series Fridge Freezer and overall, I am quite happy with it.

The ARB 50Qt features an efficient SECOP Compressor that ensures reliable performanc­e and can withstand the rigors of wheeling.

These compressor­s are variable speed units, which mean they only run as fast as required instead of running all out. This increases its efficiency as it only draws as much power as it requires to keep the fridge cool. The three-stage battery protection ensures that the ARB 50Qt will not drain your vehicle battery.

The outer case is solid and robust

with steel handles that can be used as tie down points for securing the unit. The lid features durable stainless-steel hinges that allow the lid to be easily removed. Just raising the lid a few inches allows you to pull one corner and release it from the hinges, which means you can load or unload items easily without having to remove the unit from tight spots like in the back of a hatchback or a station wagon that can have a lower roof than an SUV.

The easy-to-clean interior includes a removable basket in the main compartmen­t and an LED light, while the plastic inside the unit is smooth and includes a drain plug at the bottom making it very easy to clean. The removable basket can be handy but unfortunat­ely its lack of wellformed handles makes it difficult to remove when loaded. The LED light has been placed at the front of the unit and faces toward the back which means that you will not be blinded when you open the lid. ARB has wisely printed the instructio­ns for the fridge directly under the lid so they are there for reference.

The ARB Fridge Freezers are well built and reliable units that are backed by a comprehens­ive three-year warranty. For more details check out their different models at https://www. arbusa.com/portable-fridge-freezers/

 ??  ?? The ARB 50 Qt Fridge/Freezer.
The ARB 50 Qt Fridge/Freezer.
 ??  ?? The removable basket of the ARB 50 Qt.
The removable basket of the ARB 50 Qt.
 ??  ?? The new Classic Series II.
The new Classic Series II.

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