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The mo­tion graphic back­lit ‘HAUK’ name­plate piqued our in­ter­est from a dis­tant aisle at the show. As we ap­proached from the back, the bright red ex­ter­nal fuel tank sug­gested there was some­thing se­ri­ous un­der the hood. What kind of en­gine sucks so much fuel that it needs a tank in­stead of cargo space? As it turns out, a Mopar turbo-charged Hemi with 1125 hp in the hol­ster. De­signer Ken Hauk de­cided this kind of en­gine needs air more than it needs head­lights so, lose the head­lights. There’s a lot more to this truck, but one thing we were jonesing for was un­der­neath – a Neapco car­bon fi­bre drive­shaft. Mm, tasty.

The strik­ing Huak Pit­bull de­sign.

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