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WHEN THE NHL DECIDED it needed to be more welcoming, it turned to Davis, a Spelman College graduate and the granddaugh­ter of the first African-American woman to earn a PhD from Harvard. Davis has no background in the game, but in a league that is as old-school as it gets, that is not a bad thing. Davis, who has years of experience in the world of high finance, is most responsibl­e for attracting women and minorities, including casual fans and non-fans, and turning them into hardcore ones. The NHL hired Davis as a consultant but quickly brought her on board in a full-time position after she did numerous interviews with the game’s most powerful stakeholde­rs and the league saw how well she communicat­ed with them. Her job is not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. There might not be a profession­al sport that is more tribal than hockey, and that sometimes can make it an unwelcomin­g place for those who aren’t culturally ingrained in the game. – KEN CAMPBELL

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