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THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS were clearly entering uncharted territory when they named Hayley Wickenheis­er to their player-developmen­t staff last summer, but hiring a woman for the job was hardly a token gesture. Wickenheis­er has as much, or more, experience at the top tiers of the game as any of her male counterpar­ts. She is on track to become the first woman to be the coach or GM of an NHL team – that is, if she doesn’t end up devoting her life to saving the lives of others, as she’s also in her first year of medical school at the University of Calgary with aspiration­s of becoming an emergency room physician. Wickenheis­er is a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame in 2019. When she’s not attending class, she’s studying anatomy or game film. Wickenheis­er has the communicat­ion skills and experience to relate with Maple Leaf prospects, many of whom she meets with on a regular basis. – KEN CAMPBELL

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