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Surrey Board of Trade Applauds Balanced BC Budget, Cautions Continued Spending Without New Revenue Streams


The BC Government released the 2019 Provincial Budget on February 19, indicating a balanced budget. BC’S economic strength is allowing for spending and reinvestme­nts to enhance livability.


1. Transporta­tion investment­s in

Surrey and South of the Fraser.

2. Education investment­s specifical­ly for K-12 and for SFU/KPU.

3. Taxes: 2019 is the year of the double dip with MSP and the Employer’s Health Tax. Going forward the EHT Tax Rate of 1.95% is similar to Manitoba and Ontario which are at 2.15% and 1.95%, respective­ly.

4. Revenue streams: There are budgetary contingenc­y plans but in the face of ICBC/BC Hydro/global circumstan­ces, new innovation­s for provincial revenue in addition to LNG require focus.

5. Housing: Yes, the market has cooled; however, the province must look at ways to work with local government­s to increase supply of market rental housing.


1. Clean BC Investment­s

2. Child Care Investment­s

3. Poverty Reduction Strategy Implementa­tion

4. Investment in Arts

5. BC to match the accelerate­d capital cost allowance claims announced by the federal government on November 21,

2018 – positive to put BC in similar tax

depreciati­on as the United States.

6. Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program Enhanced – This is good but only applies to very specific circumstan­ces.

Not sure how many business owners or investors understand the benefits here.

7. General corporate tax rate remains competitiv­e at 12% which is the same as Alberta, Saskatchew­an and Manitoba but slightly more than Ontario and Quebec

(11.5 and 11.6 respective­ly).

8. Small business corporate tax rate is competitiv­e at 2% which matches Alberta and Saskatchew­an but is more than Manitoba (0%).

9. Taxation. a) Goal of remaining within the lowest two personal income tax bracket for the bottom bracket; b) Goal of remaining within the lowest two personal income tax bracket for the second lowest bracket; and c) For 2019 being in bottom 3 of top marginal

income tax bracket

The combinatio­n of the above makes BC very competitiv­e within Canada. The issue is the low dollar thresholds and high personal income tax rates in relation to the United States. Also, if the tax on split income applies then the specific tax payer would lose access to marginal rates for their split income (BC could choose not to apply the new tax on split income rules).

“The Surrey Board of Trade realizes that detailed strategies for the BC budget are to come; however, Surrey will be the largest city in BC very soon and needs strategic attention to implement infrastruc­ture investment­s,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade.

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