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Surrey Board of Trade Focused on Federal Government Policy in Saint John, New Brunswick


At the annual Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention held on September 21-23, 2019 in Saint John, New Brunswick, the Surrey Board of Trade sought the support for federal government policies from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce member chambers of commerce and boards of trade, representi­ng 200,000 Canadian businesses.

Four delegates from the Surrey Board of Trade attended: Anita Huberman, CEO; Jasroop Gosal, Policy Coordinato­r; Doug Tennant, Chair; and, Dr. Greg Thomas, Immediate Past Chair.

“The Surrey Board of Trade actively participat­es in the formation of federal government policy perspectiv­es to instigate change to help business and the economy. This serves as one of our member and stakeholde­r value propositio­ns,” said Anita Huberman.

Surrey Board of Trade federal government policies, which all earned support, were:

1. Housing

2. Cybercrime

3. Agri-food

4. Literacy

5. Blockchain

6. Cryptocurr­ency

7. Childcare

There are 450 chambers of commerce/boards of trade in Canada. There were 76 federal government policies being debated at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Convention this year, very similar to a UBCM and FCM format.

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 ??  ?? Anita Huberman
Anita Huberman
 ??  ?? Doug Tennant
Doug Tennant
 ??  ?? Dr. Greg Thomas
Dr. Greg Thomas
 ??  ?? Jasroop Gosal
Jasroop Gosal

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