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Key Constructi­on Sector Indicators


The BC Constructi­on Associatio­n (BCCA) released its latest constructi­on sector statistics in late October 2019 which shows a booming constructi­on sector ($115 billion in projects underway and another $206 billion in proposed projects on the horizon) meeting the challenges of continued growth with an increase in constructi­on companies and rising average wages for a workforce that is 85 per cent non-union.


• Constructi­on is the number 1 employer in BC’S goods sector.

• Value of proposed constructi­on projects in British Columbia: $206 billion

• Value of current constructi­on projects underway in BC: $115 billion

• BC’S constructi­on industry accounts for 8.6% of the province’s GDP.

• More than 236,000 people rely directly on BC’S Constructi­on industry for a paycheque.

• Number of constructi­on trades workers in BC’S labour force: 180,300 (BC Stats: Spring 2019)

• Number of constructi­on companies in BC: 25,736

• The average yearly wage of BC constructi­on employees: $61,784

• Number of constructi­on jobs in BC that will be unfilled due to labour shortages by 2028: 7,900

• Percentage of constructi­on workforce that is unionized: 15%

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