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Key to Re­duc­ing Work­place Stress is Rec­og­niz­ing it

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It’s been well-doc­u­mented and fairly well re­ported that ‘work­place-over­whelm’ is cost­ing Cana­dian busi­nesses a bun­dle.

Some of the more re­li­able sur­veys in­di­cate that 4 out of 5 Cana­dian em­ploy­ees feel over­whelmed at work.

It’s worth not­ing, all stress isn’t bad.

Cer­tain kinds of stress can be mo­ti­vat­ing, en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to push to their great­est level of pro­duc­tiv­ity.

How­ever, fig­ures show stress at work has gone be­yond the tip­ping point, cost­ing com­pa­nies to the tune of $300 bil­lion an­nu­ally in the US.

While fig­ures for Canada aren’t read­ily avail­able, men­tal health prob­lems, of which stress, anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion are some, are cost­ing Cana­dian busi­nesses $20 bil­lion a year.

About 1 in 4 em­ploy­ees re­port leav­ing work be­cause of the stress load. In ad­di­tion, more than half of em­ploy­ees sur­veyed in a 2016 re­port, in­di­cated they had called in sick due to stress, and 60-80% had work­place ac­ci­dents due to stress-re­lated dis­trac­tions or sleepi­ness.

What can you do about it?

First of all, en­cour­age em­ploy­ees to note when it’s hap­pen­ing for them. Signs in­clude fa­tigue, headaches, ir­ri­tabil­ity and in­abil­ity to sleep.

If over­whelm is lead­ing to burnout, have em­ploy­ees re­port it to a su­per­vi­sor, and let them know they are safe in do­ing so.

En­cour­age self-care, in­clud­ing ex­er­cise, good eat­ing be­hav­iours, proper boundary set­ting, get­ting sleep, and man­ag­ing stress through tech­niques such as yoga, mind­ful­ness, tai chi, or a myr­iad other ap­proaches. A com­bi­na­tion of yoga and mind­ful­ness alone re­duced stress at Aetna, a US health provider, by 28%.

Per­haps the most crit­i­cal ac­tion is to rec­og­nize when it’s hap­pen­ing. Let­ting staff know you care, and want to help them through it will re­duce their over­whelm greatly.

Make sure you’re good to your­self as well. You want to model the kinds of self-care you’d like to see in your staff.

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