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Up­date on City of Sur­rey Devel­op­ment Cost Charges 2020-2029

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The Sur­rey Board of Trade at­tended the City of Sur­rey open house on Jan­uary 8 on the up­dated Devel­op­ment Cost Charges (DCCS) rates. Th­ese rates will be ap­plied to var­i­ous de­vel­op­ments that oc­cur in Sur­rey and will be used to fund pub­lic projects.

Who pays DCCS?

Devel­op­ment ap­pli­cants who ap­ply for sub­di­vi­sion ap­proval to cre­ate sin­gle fam­ily devel­op­ment lots will be pay­ing the DCCS. Ad­di­tion­ally, devel­op­ment ap­pli­cants who ap­ply for build­ing per­mit ap­proval to con­struct multi-fam­ily, com­mer­cial, in­dus­trial, and in­sti­tu­tional de­vel­op­ments will also pay DCCS. This ap­plies to all ap­pli­cants (in­clud­ing char­i­ties and not for prof­its).

What do DCCS fund?

The 2020-2029 10 Year Ser­vic­ing Plan projects that are planned to be funded by DCCS in­clude:

• 140 Street road im­prove­ments (100 Av­enue to 104 Av­enue)

• 64 Av­enue road im­prove­ments (177 Street to Fraser High­way)

• 160 Street road im­prove­ments (Fraser High­way to 88 Av­enue)

• 152 Street road im­prove­ments (40 Av­enue to Ser­pen­tine River cross­ing)

• 20 Av­enue road im­prove­ments (152 Street to King Ge­orge Boule­vard)

• 32 Av­enue road im­prove­ments (154 Street to 160 Street)

• 20 Av­enue over­pass of High­way 99

• Quib­ble Creek san­i­tary pump sta­tion force main twin­ning (City Cen­tre)

• Feeder wa­ter main re­place­ment on 98 Av­enue (128 Street to 137A Street)

• Trunk storm sewer di­ver­sion (196 Street near 64 Av­enue)

• Park­land is also be­ing ac­quired as a re­sult of fund­ing from DCCS. A few ex­am­ples in­clude:

o 9910 Lyncean Drive (new park­land for a neigh­bour­hood park in the Abbey Ridge NCP)

o 1916 176th Street (new park­land to ex­pand Red­wood Park)

o 18271 73rd Av­enue (new park­land for a neigh­bour­hood park in West Clay­ton)

How are DCCS cal­cu­lated?

DCCS re­flect the costs of projects in the 10 Year Ser­vic­ing Plan and Park­land Ac­qui­si­tion Pro­gram. They also re­flect the up­dated growth pro­jec­tions for the City.

There are two types of DCC rates:

1. City-wide – ap­plied to all new devel­op­ment in the City that is not sub­ject to an area-spe­cific DCC

2. Area-spe­cific – ap­plied to cer­tain ar­eas in the City *Camp­bell Heights, High­way 99 Cor­ri­dor, West Clay­ton, An­niedale -Tyne­head, City Cen­tre) are sub­ject to an ar­ea­spe­cific DCC that re­flects the ad­di­tional costs to de­velop in those ar­eas.

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