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At­ti­tude, Be­hav­iour and Tech­nique

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Whether you are talk­ing about your sales ca­reer or your per­sonal life, you achieve suc­cess as a re­sult of sev­eral in­ter­re­lated fac­tors which fall un­der three cat­e­gories: at­ti­tude, be­hav­iour and tech­nique. Learn­ing a new prospect­ing ap­proach (tech­nique), for in­stance, won’t en­sure you of more busi­ness un­less you have a plan for im­ple­ment­ing that ap­proach (be­hav­iour) and the belief (at­ti­tude) that it will work for you.

At­ti­tude has to do with your out­look - the per­cep­tion you have about your­self, your com­pany, your prod­uct or ser­vice, and your mar­ket­place. It can be one of pos­si­bil­ity, or one of lim­i­ta­tion. And, since it’s your per­cep­tion, it’s your choice.

Be­hav­iour re­lates to hav­ing a sys­tem­atic ap­proach to the task at hand or step-bystep plan for reach­ing goals. Hap­haz­ard be­hav­iour will not take you closer to suc­cess, nor will guess­work or lax stan­dards. Don’t let your­self off the hook be­cause you’re hav­ing a bad day or would rather be play­ing golf.

Tech­nique re­lates to the ap­pli­ca­tion of var­i­ous skills. It con­sists of strate­gies and tac­tics you use to im­ple­ment your be­hav­iours.

A suc­cess­ful sales­per­son re­al­izes that what he or she thinks and feels about the sell­ing process and how he or she be­haves dur­ing the sell­ing process can greatly af­fect the out­come of the process. Prior be­liefs, judg­ments and ac­tions that don’t sup­port your cur­rent goals can sab­o­tage your sales ef­forts. An at­ti­tude and/or be­hav­iour ad­just­ment, cou­pled with proven tech­niques, can be just the ticket to im­prov­ing your sales out­comes.

John Glen­non is the owner of In­sight Sales Con­sult­ing Inc, the au­tho­rized San­dler Train­ing Li­censee for Bri­tish Columbia. jglen­non@san­dler. com

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