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Cry of a woman (poem)



I called to you and I got different responses from all of you, my loved ones.

I told you what was happening and I got different excuses, telling me I should hold on and be patient things will be okay eventually, I must just ignore and keep quiet because that was what women do.

Oh yes, my eyes were blind from all the blue eyes, bruises, broken ribs and wounds I got from the beatings I got over the years.

I cried and asked for your help, asking you to come get me away, but was told you cannot; you have other things to do and you were busy “with your lives”.

I pleaded with you that my life was in danger, but you just blushed me off as if nothing has happened.

I have repeatedly told you that my life is in danger.

I have sat you down to tell you where this whole thing started. Now, months later, you come crying to me, telling me that I should have told you what was happening.

Yet you chose not to listen to me, telling me how sorry you are. And now, here you come, telling me what you should have done differentl­y, how much you regretted what happened to me.

My friend, my loved ones, it’s too late.

I’m in my grave now, you can’t help me. I hope you can live with it.

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