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Zimbabwean poet realisez Belgium dream...


Zimbabwe based poet Racheal “Voko” Ncube says she feels honoured to have her poem titled Me and You Are The Same featured on the last day of the Unite Youth Pride festival that roared to live on October 2 in Belgium.

The multi talented Voko, who is also an Afro groove artiste and part of Amadramati­cs broadcasti­ng on Skyz Metro on Sunday told Afro Poetry Times that the poem seeks to counsel those who believe that they are better than others.

“The poem is about breaking free from customary norms and beliefs, for example believing that someone is better than the other, judging based on their colour, what they like or their sexuality and their financial state,” she said.

“Basically, it’s about racism, discrimina­tion and being left out when opportunit­ies come simply because someone in believing you are inferior.”

“It is a great honour and humbling experience especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where most people had lost hope, but I kept on pressing on, looking for ways to keep the poet in me alive,” she said.

“I have managed to break through to this festival, credit to everyone who has worked with me from zero. I would like to say your beliefs in me have been my fuel.”

 ??  ?? She had her poem read out in Belgium….
She had her poem read out in Belgium….
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