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Three the Hadley, semi-per­ma­nent As part Fer­rel of the and Air Po­lar in­ter­con­nected Canada cells. re­fresher The Hadley weather course cell pat­terns for pushes new ex­tend pi­lots, warm, I moist from teach the air about up­ward equa­tor world from to weather the the poles: equa­tor, sys­tems. spawn­ing daily thun­der­storms called the In­tertrop­i­cal Con­ver­gence Zone (ITCZ) – think rain­forests.

Air sinks at around 30°, form­ing high-pressure sys­tems and deserts over land. Air then ei­ther re­turns to the equa­tor or moves fur­ther north­ward. Within North Amer­i­can lat­i­tudes, the Fer­rel cell slowly pushes air up­ward, form­ing low-pressure sys­tems, many of which are named af­ter their place of ori­gin, such as the Al­berta Clip­per and Colorado low. At the North Pole, air sub­sides within the Po­lar cell, with the Yukon or Siberian high-pressure sys­tems dom­i­nat­ing.

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