Do you know your seeds and bugs?

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Shauna Dob­bie has some pointed ques­tions for you. She’s here to clear up a few mis­un­der­stand­ings and prop­a­gate a few gar­den truths. Test your knowl­edge by an­swer­ing true or false to the fol­low­ing ques­tions. 1. Seed­less wa­ter­mel­ons are grown from seed. 2. Pack­ets of seed left over from last spring are def­i­nitely no good now.

3. When you start seeds in­doors too early, the plants get long and spindly be­cause they haven’t got enough soil. 4. To get your seeds to ger­mi­nate faster, sow them in rich soil 5. Pick your pan­sies be­fore they’re spent if you want them to re­bloom. 6. Petu­nias lose their scent after they’ve been open a few days be­cause they’re get­ting old. 7. Bees are cru­cial to the pro­duc­tion of one-third of our food. 8. Pe­ony buds won’t open if there are no ants to clean the sticky nec­tar off them. 9. Ants at­tack lady­bugs. 10. If you see a lit­tle in­sect that looks like a six-legged al­li­ga­tor, bluish black with or­ange spots, stop drink­ing al­co­hol in the gar­den. Find an­swers on page 46.

Did ants cause this pe­ony bud to open?

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