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An­gelo­nia Ar­changel Cherry Red (An­gelo­nia an­gus­ti­fo­lia)

The first red An­gelo­nia, this is a huge color break­through in the class! Ar­changel has large-size blooms on up­right stems. Makes an ex­cel­lent heat-tol­er­ant choice to ex­tend your col­or­ful gar­den­ing sea­son and cel­e­brate sum­mer. Cherry Red lets you fi­nally cre­ate a red-and-white de­sign with your an­gelo­nia! A low-main­te­nance plant that looks del­i­cate but has tough gar­den per­for­mance. Re­quires full sun.

‘Scar­let O’hara’ morn­ing glory (Ipo­moea pur­purea)

A quick grow­ing vine with large fo­liage that is ideal for grow­ing on trel­lises or fences. Large bril­liant red trum­pet flow­ers, up to four inches across with a vel­vety tex­ture will add a lux­u­ri­ous look to any bare space. Best grown early from seed

‘End­less Il­lu­mi­na­tion’ browal­lia (Browal­lia speciose)

Still one of our favourites for shade, browal­lia is an ex­cel­lent sub­sti­tute for im­pa­tiens. Bril­liant pur­ple or white flow­ers bloom pro­fusely through­out the sea­son in part to full shade.

Pe­tu­nia ‘Night Sky’

New to the mar­ket last year, these petu­nias cleared out of the green­houses like hot­cakes. Night Sky boldly goes where no pe­tu­nia has gone be­fore with a never seen be­fore bloom pat­tern. Vig­or­ous grow­ers with dis­tinc­tive flow­ers that of­fer dif­fer­ent pat­terns of white spots on dark vi­o­let petals, cre­at­ing an ever-chang­ing con­stel­la­tion of flow­ers, just like the night sky.

Pe­tu­nia ‘Color­rush’

A new veg­e­ta­tive pe­tu­nia se­ries with big-time vigor and even big­ger land­scape per­for­mance. Color­rush pro­vides mounds of color for mu­nic­i­pal con­tain­ers. It holds up in the heat and bounces back from rain like a champ. Ideal for land­scape ap­pli­ca­tions, bal­conies and large bas­kets that re­ceive full sun. Avail­able in Blue and Pink.

Coleus ‘French Quar­ter’

French Quar­ter is versatile with a stun­ning color pat­tern for full sun to full shade. Its late to never flow­er­ing habit makes it a low-main­te­nance op­tion. The high-im­pact plants are per­fect for large con­tain­ers or as a back bor­der fo­liage plant in the land­scape. Its pink col­or­ing adds depth and tex­ture to your land­scape de­signs. It’s a fa­mil­iar pat­tern of seed coleus but with the more vig­or­ous and much later flow­er­ing veg­e­ta­tive va­ri­ety.

In­ter­spe­cific Im­pa­tiens Bounce Bright Co­ral

The Bounce se­ries of in­ter­spe­cific im­pa­tiens are not sus­cep­ti­ble to Im­pa­tiens Downy Mildew, yet it of­fers a high flower count and spread­ing habit that give them the look of tra­di­tional im­pa­tiens. Bounce thrives in both sun and shade gar­dens but truly give great colour for the shade. Plants “bounce back” from wilt when wa­tered with­out drop­ping flow­ers. Bounce is avail­able in sev­eral col­ors, in­clud­ing the new Bright Co­ral, and are great for mix­ing in bas­kets and con­tain­ers! The se­ries also comes in a Big Bounce va­ri­ety, which is a more vig­or­ous land­scape op­tion. New for 2017 is Big Bounce Pink.

Be­go­nia Me­gawatt

Strik­ing, non-stop flow­ers keep plants cov­ered in huge color all through the sum­mer. Sturdy flower stems hold the flow­ers above the fo­liage for su­pe­rior show ver­sus oth­ers. Me­gawatt is a beautiful plant with lush fo­liage per­fect for fill­ing land­scapes, large con­tain­ers, and bor­ders. It per­forms well in heat and drought with no dead­head­ing needed and will last well into the fall sea­son for ex­tended color.

Su­per Elfin Red and White Mix Im­pa­tiens (Im­pa­tiens wall­ri­ana)

Made for the shade! Su­per Elfins are the leader in im­pa­tiens with large blooms, ex­cel­lent colour and well branched plants. Com­pact, 8 to 10 inch plants are cov­ered with masses of red and white 1 1/4 inch blooms. One of the quick­est im­pa­tiens to bloom, just 7 to 9 weeks from seed.

Pe­tu­nia Easy Wave Yel­low

New Easy Wave Yel­low has bet­ter branch­ing with strong root­ing com­pared to veg­e­ta­tive yel­low va­ri­eties. The Easy Wave se­ries of­fers the widest ar­ray of dec­o­ra­tor col­ors. They’re per­fect for solo and mixed planters, hang­ing bas­kets and land­scapes. Best of all, these spread­ing petu­nias de­liver pleas­ing per­for­mance all sum­mer. Pansy Cool Wave Mor­pho

The pop­u­lar bi­color is now avail­able in our pre­mium spread­ing and trail­ing Cool Wave Pansy se­ries. It crushes the com­pe­ti­tion in trail­ing and fill­ing con­tain­ers. Makes ex­cel­lent early spring bas­kets.

‘Star’ se­ries of asters (Aster­aceae) These large spi­der-like blooms are gor­geous in the gar­den and avail­able in new colours this year. Be on the look­out for ‘Star Pink’ and ‘Star Vi­o­let.' They are late bloom­ing Cana­dian Pride Col­lec­tion This col­lec­tion con­tains 55 bulbs, 5 No Place Like Home Dahlia Blend, 30 Glad to Be Cana­dian Gla­di­o­lus

Blend and 20 Our True Colours Asi­atic Lily Blend. Buy them as a group or in­di­vid­u­ally.

Wis­te­ria 'Sum­mer Cas­cade' (Wis­te­ria macrostachya)

Ex­cel­lent win­ter har­di­ness, it is cold-hardy to -40 C, and is ex­tremely fast grow­ing. Plant blooms on new growth with dark, laven­der-blue flow­ers that are large and showy, hang­ing in long racemes like enor­mous grape clus­ters. Zone 2 to 3.

‘Pray­ing Hands’ hosta

This is a stun­ning hosta, and a must have for col­lec­tors. White-edged leaves have a matte fin­ish on top and a shiny un­der­side, both of which can be ad­mired. Up­right, nar­row, tightly folded leaves re­sem­ble hands folded in prayer, set­ting it­self apart from any other hosta. Zone 3.

Perovskia Blue Steel (Perovskia atrip­li­ci­fo­lia) A su­perb gar­den plant with ex­cep­tion­ally long bloom­ing. This Rus­sian sage is very hardy. It grows in heat and drought and al­ways looks fresh! Blue Steel has aro­matic, sil­very fo­liage that car­ries clouds of small blue flow­ers on sturdy sil­ver stems that do not break or split eas­ily. Deer re­sis­tant yet it brings in bees and hum­ming­birds! Full sun. Zone 4a.

Core­op­sis Up Tick (Core­op­sis hy­brid) The Uptick se­ries has a tidy, mounded habit that makes very at­trac­tive for land­scape de­signs! This North Amer­i­can na­tive of­fers big­ger flow­ers and longer bloom­ing for more color in the gar­den. Avail­able in stun­ning new col­ors: Gold & Bronze, Yel­low & Red, Cream & Red, and Cream. Sun. Re­quires full sun. Zone 5.

Salvia Mirage (Salvia greg­gii) This new se­ries of Salvia greg­gii makes an ex­cel­lent com­po­nent plant in com­bos and blooms all sea­son with bold, bright color. Avail­able in nine va­ri­eties for 2017, Mirage has a self-branch­ing, mound­ing habit that re­sists break­ing for low main­te­nance in the land­scape. Ex­cel­lent for the peren­nial bor­der, it’s a stand­out in the gar­den! At­tracts pol­li­na­tors from early spring through the frost. Sun. Zone 7, used as an an­nual in most ar­eas.

‘Lies and Lip­stick’ daylily (He­me­ro­cal­lis) Lies and Lip­stick is a re­bloom­ing daylily with a showy, ruf­fled edge and eye zone on soft white-pink petals. It’s bright yel­low throat, and black sta­mens add the fi­nal touch to this amaz­ing bloom. Zone 3 to 9. Cana­dian Shield Rose

Cel­e­brate Canada’s 150th An­niver­sary with this made in Canada rose. It was de­vel­oped in Man­i­toba, so you know it’s hardy. An ideal cen­ter­piece plant with loads of lightly fra­grant and dou­ble red blooms atop dark green fo­liage. Height 4 feet. Zone 3b.

Primo ‘Black Pearl’ Co­ral Bells (Heuchera) A stun­ning black fo­liage plant for both shade and sun! Forms an in­cred­i­bly dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scal­loped, ruf­fled edges and rosy pur­ple un­der­sides. Topped with white flow­ers with pink ca­lyxes. Zone 4.

Godzilla Fern (Athyrium Godzilla) This tow­ers above all other ferns and is a peren­nial favourite of many gar­den­ers. Fronds form a mas­sive arch­ing clump of sil­very leaves with green high­lights and dark pur­ple stems.

Shrubs and Trees

‘Fire Light’ hydrangea (Hydrangea pan­ic­u­lata) A pan­i­cle hydrangea with large, full flow­ers that emerge an ivory-white and ma­ture to a deep-pink, near red colour. It's easy to grow, long bloom­ing, hardy and re­li­able. Zone 3 to 8.

Hazel­nut Tree (Co­ry­lus) This tree is bred for our north­ern cli­mate. The tree is small in size but makes up for its size with a large pro­duc­tion of nuts. You will not be dis­ap­pointed with its boun­ti­ful crop of nuts, also known as ‘fil­berts’. Trees ma­ture at three me­tres (nine feet). Zone 3 to 6.

Bee­dle Pear (Pyrus ‘Bee­dle’) Named af­ter John Bee­dle, the for­mer Parks Di­rec­tor and Parks Plan­ner for the City of St. Al­bert, Al­berta. This pear is zone 2 hardy and pro­duces medium size pears com­pa­ra­ble or bet­ter than the Ure va­ri­ety. Bee­dle pro­duces a good size crop with sweet fruits that ripen in Septem­ber. Good stor­age qual­i­ties. Zone 2.

Ja­panese Tree Lilac (Syringa retic­u­late) One of the most stun­ning spec­i­men trees used in land­scapes. This tree is filled with fra­grant, per­fect, creamy­white fra­grant flow­ers and cherry-brown bark make a grand dis­play. Ma­ture height of 20 feet with a spread of 13 feet. Zone 3.

Lace Weep­ing Wil­low (‘Lace’ Salix baby­lonica) A truly hardy weep­ing wil­low from Mon­go­lia! Grace­ful branches spread 25 feet and pro­duce rich, glossy green fo­liage. Young branches are bright gold in colour. Hardier tree with more con­sis­tent weep­ing fea­tures than Prairie Cas­cade. Ma­tures at 30 feet. Zone 3.

An­gelo­nia Ar­changel Cherry Red.

Pe­tu­nia 'Night Sky'.

Browal­lia 'end­less il­lu­mi­na­tion'.

In­ter­spe­cific Im­pa­tiens Bounce Co­ral.

Coleus 'French Quar­ter'.

Pe­tu­nia Color­rush Pink.

Be­go­nia Me­gawatt Red.

‘Scar­let O’hara’ morn­ing glory.

Su­per Elfin Red and White Mix Im­pa­tiens. Pe­tu­nia Easy Wave Yel­low.

Wis­te­ria 'Sum­mer Cas­cade'.

Pansy Cool Wave Mor­pho.

Perovskia Blue Steel.

Glad to be Cana­dian glad­i­o­las.

‘Pray­ing Hands’ hosta.

Core­op­sis Uptick Gold Bronze.

Salvia Mirage.

Cana­dian Shield Rose.

Ja­panese Tree Lilac.

Godzilla fern.

‘Fire Light’ hydrangea.

Lace Weep­ing Wil­low.

Primo ‘Black Pearl’ Co­ral Bells.

‘Lies and Lip­stick’ daylily.

Hazel­nut Tree.

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