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Now that the days are start­ing to get longer it’s a great time to think about spring! You can start plan­ning your yard now while you have lots of time.

To start with you should plan how to en­rich your soil ev­ery­where by adding or­ganic fer­til­iz­ers and com­posts. As you feed the soil you will be feed­ing your plants! The health­ier the soil the health­ier the plants – it's that sim­ple. This also leads to more nutri­tion in your veg­eta­bles.

Very healthy plants can ward off in­sects and dis­eases bet­ter hav­ing been fed prop­erly. En­riched soil helps plants deal with stresses of the grow­ing sea­son.

Here are some of the or­ganic prod­ucts that work very well in the soil:

Worm Gold. Want your seeds and seedlings to ex­plode with ex­cep­tional growth? That’s what worm cast­ings have been shown to do in re­cent ex­cit­ing re­search in Cal­i­for­nia. Now in­door or out­door plants can be treated by work­ing in a three cm (one inch) layer of worm cast­ings around the plant. Grow­ers should sprin­kle one cm (1/4 inch) around the plant ev­ery six months.

Worm cast­ings are the rich earthy-smelling waste mat­ter of worms. Now avail­able to gar­den­ers in a dry gran­u­lar form called Wor­m­gold, the prod­uct con­tains lots of nu­tri­ents mak­ing

it a per­fect ad­di­tive for soil­less and pot­ting mixes. Try it to treat prized plants and to spur re­mark­able growth of your seedlings!

Turkey Trot. In univer­sity tests, this has been rated one of the best or­ganic fer­til­iz­ers you can use. It con­sists of com­posted, de­odor­ized gran­u­lar turkey ma­nure. Com­pared to com­monly avail­able in­or­ganic fer­til­iz­ers which only ben­e­fit plants, Turkey Trot will build up soil, mak­ing it bet­ter each year, pro­vid­ing vi­tal mi­cro-nu­tri­ents to ev­ery­thing you grow. Use spar­ingly – a lit­tle goes a long way. Use ev­ery­where – lawns, veg­etable and flower beds, when plant­ing bulbs, etc. Com­posted for six to eight weeks at 120 to 160 F.

Clay Buster. Con­tains 21 per cent cal­cium and 16 per cent sulphur that will pen­e­trate heavy clay soils and break up par­ti­cles, al­low­ing roots of plants to seek out rich nu­tri­ents that are usu­ally abun­dant in such soils. A Man­i­toba Hut­terite colony grows ex­cep­tional crops by ap­ply­ing Clay Buster each spring. One bag cov­ers about a 1,000 square feet.

Sky Rocket. All nat­u­ral soil en­hancer. Helps to bal­ance the soil so plants can jump out of the ground, health­ier and hap­pier and grow with less dis­ease and in­sect prob­lems. Just sprin­kle a hand­ful un­der each plant or

tu­ber and watch them ex­plode! Po­ta­toes have less scab and in­sects. Toma­toes, pep­pers, glads, dahlias...any plant! All nat­u­ral prod­uct con­tains kelp, Worm Gold, and ac­ti­vated char­coal.

Al­falfa Gold. A spe­cially for­mu­lated blend of al­falfa meal, hu­mic acid, Worm Gold Plus and bone meal that con­di­tions and im­proves soil by adding back or­ganic ma­te­rial and ac­ti­vat­ing soil nu­tri­ents al­ready present! All four in­gre­di­ents work to­gether giv­ing an all-round boost to your grow­ing medium or­gan­i­cally! Ev­ery­thing in your gar­den will ex­plode after ap­ply­ing – it is that good! Ideal for flow­ers and veg­eta­bles, fruit, con­tain­ers of all types, and shrubs and trees. Easy to ap­ply gran­u­lar form, just mix in with soil and wa­ter in. Ap­prox­i­mate ap­pli­ca­tion rate, two lbs per 25 square feet of gar­den.

By en­rich­ing your soil with any of these or­ganic prod­ucts you will have a health­ier, hap­pier gar­den! Stand back and watch the dif­fer­ence in growth – you will be im­pressed and amazed!

Healthy gar­den soil needs a reg­u­lar re­ju­ve­na­tion with or­ganic fer­til­iz­ers and or com­posts.

Tur­key Trot has helped th­ese healthy green gi­ant poplars.

Or­ganic fer­til­iz­ers can help en­cour­age healthy growth in seedlings.

Size­able and healthy Span­ish onions us­ing Al­falfa Gold.

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