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You impress everyone with your creativity this week, Aries. Allow this creativity to be the inspiratio­n behind projects you have been putting off of late. Keep your goals relatively simple for the next few days, Taurus. You can benefit from the positive reinforcem­ent of completing tasks and getting things done. Gemini, you have been immersed in work and are starting to show the ill effects of keeping long hours. Now is a great time to take a few days off or enjoy a mini-vacation. Cancer, you have a lot to get done, but resist the urge to micromanag­e every detail, as this could be a surefire path to burnout. You need to take a few breaths. Leo, avoid the temptation to get started on another new project. You already have plenty of other things on your plate. Finish those tasks before moving on to something new. It is sometimes easy to miss the forest for the trees, Virgo. Try taking a step back so you can look at a puzzling project from a new perspectiv­e.

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