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Stay out of the woods


The provincial government is taking the extraordin­ary measure of putting a travel restrictio­n in place that prevents the public from travelling in woods in Nova Scotia.

“This means that all travel and activity within the woods is restricted, including hiking, camping and the use of offhighway vehicles,” Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines said Aug. 8.

The travel ban – which does not apply to provincial and private campground­s and beaches – became effective Aug. 9 and lasts for two weeks. If there is any significan­t rainfall during that time, the ban may come off sooner.

The travel restrictio­n applies to the entire province, Hines said, because with limited firefighti­ng resources they cannot risk wildfires starting up in other parts of the province.

The province, as a whole, hasn’t been this dry in 15 years - the last time a travel restrictio­n like this one was imposed.

Hines said the restrictio­n also speaks to safety, in that if people were deep in the woods and a wildfire were to start up, it may be hard to reach them.

It can cost up to $200,000 a day to fight wildfires.

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