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Think I’ll go out to Alberta

- Chantelle Webb is chef at The Mason Jar in Bridgetown, a food entreprene­ur, and a locavore.

cialty shop, and food festival have their doors shut to me.

Despite my planning, reserving, driving out to remote locations, and spur of the moment decisions, all the places I choose to eat or merely accompany someone to, are invariably closed, under renovation, or booked for the next six centuries.

Calgary saw fit to have no open food trucks – of which there were many, parked on every street corner. Over Easy Breakfast, a local restaurant that raises its own chickens and grows the produce used on the delightful­ly eclectic menu – hello breakfast poutine – saw a two- hour wait at 8 a. m. We decided to hit the Bow River Trail and make for Canmore – land of resort vacationer­s and a restaurant every 10 feet.

Tourist brochures breathed glowing reviews on just about every style of eatery. From French cuisine to food truck fare, brew pub to Indian takeout, there are about 100- plus spots to eat.

The double- decker bus prix fix five-course meal was sold out for the next two days. The tapas restaurant not open for another hour, and the gastro pub fully seated with multiple wedding parties. At this point the leather strap on my purse started to look like a tasty option.

We lucked in to a small Japanese restaurant in a back ally called Chef’s Studio that seemed to confuse tourists, who bypassed looking for something that sounded more traditiona­l. With only the ramen noodle hot pot sold out, we managed a delicious and fresh meal with lots of beautifull­y prepared small dishes that made us lean back in our seats and pat our bellies.

Perhaps the curse has been lifted. We have seven more days on the West Coast as we make our way to the Okanagan Valley – and I’m sure they will be filled with plenty of foodie adventures.

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