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Nico­tine strength in eliq­uid is mea­sured in mil­ligrams of nico­tine per mil­li­liter (mg/ml). The /ml is of­ten left out on la­bels. If a la­bel says 18mg, it means the con­cen­tra­tion is 18mg/ml.

Most prod­ucts first seen in Canada had nico­tine lev­els no higher than 18 mg/ml. When big brands got in­volved they of­fered prod­ucts with nico­tine lev­els of as much as 59 mg/ml.

Health Canada set the max­i­mum level at 65 mg/ ml while a Euro­pean Union (EU) di­rec­tive doesn’t al­low lev­els above 20 mg/ml.

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