Annapolis Valley Register : 2020-03-19



THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 ONCE A WEEK IN PRINT, EVERY DAY ONLINE ANNAPOLIS AND KINGS COUNTIES, NOVA SCOTIA A member of the SaltWire Network Caring, not scaring in Annapolis County She calls group members ‘caremonger­s.’ “A caremonger could offer to deliver groceries, or pick up prescripti­ons. There have been offers of pet walking, or simply for a phone call to chat,” she said. “With groceries, people could order from the store, pay in advance, and the caremonger could pick up the packages and drop them off at the person’s home.” She said it is key to realize that much of this is an exercise in trust. “Not all actions of caremonger­ing will involve purchases,” she said. “People may need help getting wood close enough to their house so that they can load it in themselves. Others may just need someone to talk to — this can be a scary time especially for people who live alone or felt isolated even before the pandemic. The whole premise is that we’re all in this together, we can help each other through this.” are able to actually do it. If they’re worried about running out of pet food, or need to have a prescripti­on picked up, or need to get some groceries, well, these are things that will hurt their ability to protect themselves.” She said offering to run errands was a no-brainer. “I’m healthy and willing, and until such time as I have to selfisolat­e, I can’t think of a better way to support my neighbors,” she said. “Doing this will not substantia­lly raise my exposure, so why not do it? It’s part of what ‘looking out for each other’ is all about.” “People like Nancy Godfrey stepping up right away made me so happy,” said MacDonald. “This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see. So many others have offered all sorts of things, too. We’ve also heard from someone who is self-isolating assuring us they were okay and had what they needed but they said once out of isolation they would be happy to help others. That’s what Nova Scotians do - they face adversity and think about how they can help. Like Mr. Rogers said, ‘Look for the helpers.’ Caremonger­ing will make you feel better - it makes you focus on the good that can be done instead of the fear of the unknown and the anxiety of waiting.” An Annapolis Royal woman prefers caremonger­ing over scaremonge­ring and has set up a Facebook group to help coordinate neighbours helping neighbours in Annapolis County. As COVID-19 makes inroads and residents are being forced to self-isolate in Nova Scotia, Adele MacDonald said the response has been almost overwhelmi­ng and people have already jumped on board to help. People can post offers of help or requests for help, she said. Things like delivering groceries to someone who is self-quarantine­d after travel, or a request for help with getting some of the basic needs in order to keep safe during the pandemic. “This came about simply by seeing other groups popping up in other communitie­s,” MacDonald said. “I saw that Halifax had a group with 4,000 members and realized that something like this can be even more isolating for rural communitie­s, so I immediatel­y created a group for Annapolis County. It went from zero members to 225 in about two hours — and it is continuing to grow.” She said if you search caremonger­ing on Facebook and select groups in the results you’ll see groups from all over Linda Hulme-Lahey was our first member to post and she immediatel­y offered help to her Round Hill community,” MacDonald said. “Others simply seemed grateful that there is a place to share with one another. We may be practicing social distancing and self-isolation but in the age of the Internet, there is no reason why we have to go through this alone. I told early members right away — we’re all in this together.” Canada and elsewhere, too. “This is not my original idea. I don’t know who started it, but it is a simple, wonderful way to focus on caring rather than on being fearful.” SELF-ISOLATING Nancy Godfrey from the Centrelea area didn’t hesitate once she joined the group. “Well, the reality is, people will be self-isolating regardless of if they have the virus or not,” Godfrey said. “This especially applies to older folks and folks at higher risk due to other health issues. So the important thing is to ensure that the people at risk doing this HELP AND SUPPORT She said the requests to join the private group have been coming in constantly. “The offers of help or simply of support began immediatel­y. CONTINUED ON A4 ‘Momentum is building’ people around here every day doing great things.” Michelle McLearn, site lead, Brianne Thibodeau, emergency department manager, Dr. Leslie Ribeiro, and Karma Chickoski, physician recruitmen­t consultant, updated the community and Soldiers Memorial Hospital Foundation in a meeting March 9. “We have an ED Accountabi­lity Act, which is legislatio­n that tells us we need to connect with our community partners around closures,” said McLearn. “We’re so (much) more than that. We have a lot of BUSY EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT It’s a busy time at Soldiers Memorial Hospital. Managers and staff recently updated community partners on a number of topics, including emergency department operations, physician recruitmen­t, and the ongoing constructi­on of a new primary care centre slated to open at the site of the Middleton-based hospital later this year. Thanks partly to the ongoing support of the foundation, McLearn said, various upgrades have been made to the emergency department’s security system, and treatment rooms. The main entrance has had improvemen­ts and new equipment has been acquired. CONTINUED ON A2 MUSTread MUSTread MUSTread $2.60 plus HST PM 43479013 A3 A7 A5 Lequille Country Store MARCH MADNESS DOUBLE SMOKED HOME CURED EASTER HAM GET 3¢ OFF 9543 Hwy #8 Annapolis Royal, NS 902-532-5362 Granville Ferry Market & Gas Gates Landing (Middleton) Still Fired Distilleri­es PER LITRE ONLY AT LEQUILLE COUNTRY STORE 2020 Fishing Licenses Have Arrived Taking Ham Orders until March 22nd lequilleco­ CHICK DAYS ARE HERE! SEE STORE FOR DETAILS. LAYERS - MEATKINGS - PULLETS AVAILABLE AT LEQUILLE/GRANVILLE LOCATIONS ORDER YOURS NOW! 7882139