Annapolis Valley Register : 2020-03-19

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HEALTH A5 SALTWIRE.COM • ANNAPOLIS VALLEY REGISTER THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 • ‘Abundance of caution” restrictin­g access weekend to the base and requiring identifica­tion checks for all visitors. Only CAF members, civilian employees, contractor­s, and delivery staff providing essential service were given access. “The Defence Team has a fundamenta­l responsibi­lity to support and preserve operationa­l readiness and essential health services for the CAF, and to respond to the Government of Canada’s pandemic response,” he wrote. “Consequent­ly, out of an abundance of caution, 14 wing has closed a variety of wing facilities this weekend. The gym, mess, recreation centre, arena, curling rink, and churches will be closed. Additional­ly, March Break activities associated with the recreation centre, cadet program and the GMFRC will similarly be suspended until further notice.” On Monday, CAF personnel were expected to report for duty at their normal time. Civilian employees involved essential tasks and services, such as flying and security, were also expected to return to work as usual. The Greenwood base is bunkering down against the COVID-19 threat. Capt. Matt Zalot, public affairs officer for 14 Wing Greenwood, said the base is watching the situation closely and planning activities accordingl­y. “We are limiting access to the base and focusing on critical and essential services,” he said. The base is limiting the number of flights in and out of the airfield and is no longer flying on a 24/7 rotation in order to preserve the personnel, he said. There are no new incoming flights expected from any of the infected areas, although personnel deployed in Italy returned to Greenwood within the last month. They self-isolated and two of the members were screened for the COVID-19 virus, but both tests were negative, according to Zalot. Last week, Col. Brendan Cook 14 Wing Greenwood Commander posted a March 13 statement on Facebook, Meet Dr. Chris McKay New doctor finds ‘the best of both worlds’ in Berwick having access to a major airport and a major centre like Halifax. It’s the best of both worlds.” He said it seems like Annapolis Valley communitie­s are growing, especially with the improvemen­ts to the 101 Highway. “I came here as a single guy, but now I am dating someone in Halifax. And my parents (are) in Bedford,” he said. “Maybe at one time it was a little more isolated, but certainly not anymore.” The welcoming and supportive atmosphere at the collaborat­ive practice also made the decision to come to Berwick easier. “Another factor was the inclusivit­y of the medical community and how they are willing to work together. There is an excellent workplace culture here, which definitely helps,” he said. “I trained in the States, so I was concerned about transition­ing back to Canada and how things work. It’s been really good to have colleagues to ask questions and get clarificat­ion and get adjusted.” The medical system and communitie­s seeking to recruit and retain young doctors are also beginning to understand there is a generation­al change in priorities. “The new generation of physicians has come to a more balanced approach. They still want to provide for their patients and work as hard as they can for them. But at the same time, they want to make sure they can also take care of their families and pursue other interests,” McKay said. “I think people can be even better doctors by taking a break every once in awhile, stepping away from it.” If McKay has his way, the Annapolis Valley may welcome another new physician soon. “I have a little sister, Katie, who is a family practice resident right now. So, I’m pitching this to her as well. It's her decision, but I'm clearly biased," he said. “There are a lot of opportunit­ies here. I feel like the best is yet to come.” PAUL PICKREM SPECIAL TO SALTWIRE Dr. Chris McKay could have started his medical practice anywhere in North America. After careful considerat­ion, he decided to become one of seven physicians caring for patients at the Berwick Family Practice. "This is the first time I get to choose where I live and work, and I'm here," McKay said during a recent interview. "The community made me feel welcome, and I could see that Berwick was a community that is planning for the future and trying to be progressiv­e. You could tell the community is on the upswing,” he said. McKay's parents have a Maritime connection. His mother is from Newfoundla­nd and Labrador, and his father, who is also a physician, is from New Brunswick. Before reporting for duty in Berwick in October 2019, the Ottawa-born doctor earned a medical degree from St. George’s University, on the Island of Grenada, after graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in biomedical science. As a dual citizen, he had the option of working in Canada or the United States. After working as a nurse’s aid, he said he knew he wanted to be a physician. Then, after his residency in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, McKay decided smalltown life agreed with him. “I went from small-town America to small-town Nova Scotia, and I prefer it here because there is easier access to care.” Like many young doctors, however, McKay wanted to balance a rural lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities. “I realized I like the rural setting for family practice. But I didn't want to be somewhere where I didn't have access to a larger city or a larger airport,” he said. “Berwick checked both boxes. I could be a general practition­er in a beautiful area while still Nonessenti­al civilian employees were asked to remain home and be available for further instructio­n. news tips 902-681-2121 ext. 319 '8'4;10' %#0 *'.2 24'8'06 6*' 524'#& 1( %18+& 5VC[ JQOG CPF UGNH KUQNCVG KH [QWŨXG VTCXGNNGF QWVUKFG QH %CPCFC QT JCXG U[ORVQOU (QNNQY NCVGUV UQEKCN FKUVCPEKPI UGNH KUQNCVKQP CFXKEG TOWN OF ANNAPOLIS ROYAL AMENDMENT TO THE LAND USE BY-LAW %CNN KH [QW JCXG U[ORVQOU NOTICE OF APPROVAL TAKE NOTICE that on Thursday, March 5, 2020 Town of Annapolis Royal Council approved the following amendment to the Land Use By-law: Amendment of Schedule A, the Zoning Map, by rezoning lands of Don and Marilyn Beattie located at Champlain Drive (PID 05301247) from Residentia­l Single Unit (RSU) to Residentia­l Two Unit (RTU) Zone to permit the constructi­on of a two-unit semi-detached dwelling. 9CUJ [QWT JCPFU QHVGP $G MKPF VQ QVJGTU CPF NQQM QWV HQT [QWT PGKIJDQWTU AND TAKE NOTICE any aggrieved person, the Director of Planning, or the Council of an adjoining municipali­ty may, within fourteen (14) days of the publicatio­n of this notice, appeal the decision of Council to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. 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