Annapolis Valley Register : 2020-03-19



BUSINESS A7 SALTWIRE.COM • ANNAPOLIS VALLEY REGISTER THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 • LOCAL DEVELOPMEN­T opened and safe. Financial difficulti­es became too much in the last several years, and the theme park, despite best efforts, was near bankruptcy.” unanimousl­y. OPENING IN 2021 It is planned that Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia will open in the autumn of 2021. Last year Gordonstou­n announced a long-term multi-school agreement to open Gordonstou­n Schools in China, and this announceme­nt is the next phase of its plan to develop a small network of franchise schools around the globe. Gordonstou­n’s links to Nova Scotia date back hundreds of years. The main building within the school, Gordonstou­n House, was originally owned by Sir Robert Gordon who was made a baronet for Nova Scotia in 1625, four years after the official charter giving Nova Scotia its name and flag. Annapolis County recognized the major economic role Upper Clements Parks played over the decades. “The Upper Clements theme park has been an important tourism attraction and employment generator for over 30 years,” the county media release said. “The theme park’s board has been diligent in their efforts to keep the theme park GORDONSTOU­N “This agreement will pave the way for more children to benefit from an education based on Gordonstou­n’s unique ethos, which combines high academic achievemen­t with exhilarati­ng outdoor experience­s and a strong commitment to service to the community,” said Lisa Kerr, Gordonstou­n principal in Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland. “From our first meeting, we have been struck by how everyone involved in this exciting project shares our commitment to growing the reach and impact of Gordonstou­n’s educationa­l values,” she said in a March 17 release. The first-ever franchise of one of the world’s top boarding schools will be built on the site of Upper Clements Parks in Annapolis County and could open as soon as September 2021. Municipal council passed a motion March 17 to purchase for $600,000 three parcels of land comprising the former theme park for the sole purpose of furthering the Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia project. Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia was first announced in December of 2018 by Annapolis County Warden Timothy Habinski and project developer Ed Farren. Subsequent months have been spent searching for land suitable for the $62-million school. The purchase of the Upper Clements Park Society properties is for the “sole purpose of developing the Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia project, the first franchise to open for this prominent educationa­l institutio­n," the county said in a media release. Gordonstou­n Scotland approved several sites within the County of Annapolis and subsequent­ly requested a scoring matrix. “In the 11th hour Annapolis County officials became aware that the Upper Clements theme park may close and asked if the park properties could be included in the scoring matrix,” the release said. CAO John Ferguson said representa­tives from Gordonstou­n Scotland visited all potential sites. “The Upper Clements Parks property with its view of the Annapolis Basin will be a beautiful and prestigiou­s site for the new franchise,” he said. District 6 Councillor Alex Morrison made the motion to purchase the former parks property and it was passed UPPER CLEMENTS PARKS David Brown, who heads up the Upper Clements Parks Society, said the need to upgrade facilities and rides at the aging park, combined with declining attendance over the past few years forced the community group to consider three options — finance the upgrades, sell the parks, or go bankrupt. “The facilities had been open for 31 seasons,” he said. “Everything has been getting old. There’s a lot of maintenanc­e required for the buildings and the rides. It’s something that the board, the society couldn’t sustain. Attendance has gone down over the last three years. The weather has a lot to do with it but also the condition of the facilities.” Brown said selling to facilitate constructi­on of Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia was the best possible outcome and he believes it will be a major, stable economic driver in the community, more so than the parks. “This is a great day for the citizens of Annapolis County and indeed the whole province,” Morrison said after the vote. “I feel very good. Nova Scotia has had this relationsh­ip with Scotland since the 1600s. Gordonstou­n is a school recognized internatio­nally.” WARDEN HABINSKI “Gordonstou­n Nova Scotia promises to bring the world to our doorstep, and, in turn, to share the values of our county — compassion, volunteeri­sm, creativity and persistenc­e — with communitie­s around the globe,” Annapolis County Warden Timothy Habinski said. “That one of the most beautiful sites in Nova Scotia can be redevelope­d for this project as a community anchor institutio­n is a real cause for celebratio­n.” Gordonstou­n will work with project managers E. A. Farren Limited to develop the school on the park site, the school said. “The Nova Scotia campus will have the Kurt Hahn philosophy at its core,” said Kerr. “Gordonstou­n’s founder and visionary educationa­list Kurt Hahn believed that young people flourish when their horizons are broadened beyond their academic potential. He set out to develop qualities of compassion, honesty, initiative, and a thirst for adventure and a sense of service to others in them.” 4')+56'4 \RXU WRXULVW DFFRPPRGDW­LRQ &Q [QW QYP C VQWTKUV CEEQOOQFCV­KQP! 6WDUWLQJ $SULO 1RYD 6FRWLD ZLOO LQWURGXFH D VLPSOH ORZ FRVW RQOLQH UHJLVWUDWL­RQ V\VWHP IRU DOO WRXULVP DFFRPPRGDW­LRQ RSHUDWRUV )RU PRUH LQIRUPDWLR­Q DQG WR VHH LI \RX QHHG WR UHJLVWHU \RXU DFFRPPRGDW­LRQ YLVLW PQXCUEQVKC EC VQWTKUVCEE­QOOQFCVKQP Canadian Federation of University Women Wolfville 53rd Annual BOOK SALE Friday, March 27, 2020 8:30 am - 9:00 pm Saturday, March 28, 2020 8:30 am - 3:00 pm POSTPONED Paperbacks & Hardcovers; mysteries, classics, biographie­s, lifestyles, children’s, religion, philosophy, art, non-fiction and a variety of others; CD’s, DVD’s, video’s, puzzles, music & games Lions Club Hall, 36 Elm Avenue, Wolfville Free Admission and Parking 7915793