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This city has a se­ri­ous waste prob­lem: a re­cy­cling pro­gram that omits most com­monly used items such as cof­fee cups, black plas­tic and, of course, drink­ing straws. But, at least some for­ward-think­ing folks are step­ping up to try to tackle the is­sue. For in­stance, Last Straw Toronto has signed up 80 bars that have pledged to elim­i­nate drink­ing straws from their op­er­a­tions. And a new com­pany, Flash­food, is look­ing at new ways to repur­pose food waste that would have ended up in a land­fill some­where. Keep the ideas com­ing, Toronto.


Cab­bage­town isn’t ex­actly get­ting a rep­u­ta­tion as a wel­com­ing lo­cale. The rather thorny down­town Toronto ’hood has com­plained about a lot of things in the past, in­clud­ing the colour of a play struc­ture. Last month, lo­cal folks were in the news again, this time rais­ing heck about the un­ruly na­ture of a cer­tain pro­posal that would surely be the death of the neigh­bour­hood as they know it. It was for a day­care cen­tre, and thanks to the out­pour­ing of guff, it was can­celled, de­spite the se­ri­ous lack of child care in the area. Ah Cab­bage­town, don’t ever change.


Toronto the Good was back in ac­tion last month when an out-of-the­way plaza be­side a rail­way line was named as the lo­ca­tion of the city’s first le­gal cannabis store. Yes, there is an ele­men­tary school a few hun­dred me­tres away, but safely tucked into in a neigh­bour­hood. What did peo­ple ex­pect? A 450-me­tre buf­fer zone, as some sug­gest, makes it a vir­tual im­pos­si­bil­ity to po­si­tion stores. This is to be a le­gal prod­uct, so it’s about time Toronto res­i­dents ac­cept that re­al­ity. Iron­i­cally enough, there are il­le­gal dis­pen­saries much closer, per­haps un­be­knownst to par­ents.

Cannabis lit­ter found in a Beach neigh­bour­hood ravine, likely from an il­le­gal dis­pen­sary

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