Sur­veil­lance video shows 8 teens ran­sack­ing garage

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On Sept. 8, Ta­mara Got­tlieb was out­side her Lawrence Park home gar­den­ing with her five chil­dren and teach­ing the small ones to ride bikes. They left their garage open for about half an hour dur­ing din­ner and re­turned out­side to find their garage had been robbed: All their bikes and scoot­ers were gone.

Got­tlieb went to her neigh­bour’s house to watch their sur­veil­lance cam­era footage and found her neigh­bour vis­i­bly up­set. Ac­cord­ing to Got­tlieb, a gang of teenage boys had “men­aced” her neigh­bour while she was out for a run just prior to Got­tlieb’s visit. The sur­veil­lance video showed two boys walk­ing up to Got­tlieb’s house, scop­ing out the garage and then dis­ap­pear­ing west­ward. They re­turned a minute later, with seven or eight oth­ers and ran­sacked the garage.

“After that, what we heard from neigh­bours were lots of eye­wit­ness ac­counts of them joyrid­ing through the neigh­bour­hood in a re­ally ag­gres­sive way,” she said.

Through eye­wit­ness ac­counts and other sur­veil­lance videos, Got­tlieb traced the boys’ path to the Mc­Don­ald’s at Av­enue Road and Roe Av­enue. Wit­nesses there rec­og­nized de­scrip­tions of the boys and iden­ti­fied two of the scoot­ers that were stolen from Got­tlieb’s garage by their sparkly aqua-blue hue.

Got­tlieb said that an­other mother had reached out to her and de­scribed how her son had seen this group of boys steal his bike at Woburn Park.

“What’s mo­ti­vat­ing me to find these boys is I re­ally want my kids to feel safe go­ing for bike rides in the neigh­bour­hoods, play­ing at the park. These other kids are de­vel­op­ing into ag­gres­sive bul­lies who are now en­gag­ing in theft,” said Got­tlieb. “Do their par­ents know? I would imag­ine they would want to know and would want to do some­thing about it.”

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