Of Vine­yards and Sun­sets

Arabella - - JILL LOUISE CAMPBELL - Writ­ten by Na­dia Ter­signi

It is of­ten said the artist in­vari­ably be­comes the con­duit for the viewer’s ex­pe­ri­ence – evok­ing pas­sion and rea­son, re­veal­ing in a sub­tle man­ner some per­sonal el­e­ment of his or her own life with ev­ery piece cre­ated – yet al­low­ing the viewer an ex­pe­ri­ence of re­flec­tion, a man­ner in which to be­come im­mersed in a dif­fer­ent time, a dif­fer­ent place. As an im­pres­sion­is­tic artist adopt­ing a very con­tem­po­rary style of ap­ply­ing paint, Jim Rodgers’s work spans a reper­toire of gen­res from land­scape to still life, con­vey­ing an av­enue of es­cape from the or­di­nary lens on life. Born in north­ern New Jer­sey in 1956, Jim’s jour­neys have taken him to des­ti­na­tions near and far from home – United States, Eng­land, Ire­land, Italy and France - each lo­ca­tion serv­ing to "add a piece to the ag­gre­gate" that fused to cre­ate the Jim of to­day. As a young­ster, Jim ac­cred­its his child­hood as be­ing steeped in the worlds of sports, mu­sic, art and lit­er­a­ture to have "en­hanced the vi­sion and sense of pur­pose" in his art.

pre­vi­ous spread, Set­ting Sun over Mon­temassi, oil on can­vas, 24" x 36" above, Last Light on the Chi­anti Vine­yard , oil on can­vas, 24" x 30"

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