The Essence of Beauty

Arabella - - BRIAN DAVIS - Brett An­ning­son

Imag­ine if you could see be­yond the nat­u­ral world to the beauty within. For more than two decades, Brian Davis has been cre­at­ing paint­ings which be­lie the sim­plic­ity of form found in na­ture, cre­at­ing an il­lu­sion of depth that captivates the viewer. As he paints a land­scape or a flower, he cre­ates some­thing more than the orig­i­nal. "For me," says Brian, "the flower is the stage and the light is the dancer." Paint­ing from pho­to­graphs, Brian has an un­canny abil­ity to il­lu­mi­nate his paint­ings in such a way that his tech­nique fo­cuses the eye on the pat­terns of light in each work. In­flu­enced by the Dutch Mas­ters, as well as Art Deco and Art Nouveau cre­ations, Brian cap­tures an in­ten­sity of colour through the over­lay­ing of many lay­ers of paint, while at the same time cre­at­ing highly styl­ized ren­di­tions of the world around him. His whole life has been about a con­stant belief in his artis­tic abil­ity. In the sixth grade he met Robert An­ton who would also turn out to be a very gifted artist. As best friends, they of­ten had friendly com­pe­ti­tions which helped hone their artis­tic skills. They re­main friends to this day. "Not to say I haven’t had my share of set­backs," Brian says, "but I tend to see them as a nor­mal part of the life jour­ney; as op­por­tu­ni­ties to grow. I am very bull­dog-like and I tend to just keep forg­ing ahead. Tenac­ity is more im­por­tant than tal­ent in many sit­u­a­tions. If one has both, watch out!" As he sees it, his artis­tic goal is to find the most el­e­gant way to ex­press a sub­ject. Thus, he fo­cuses on dis­cov­er­ing and bring­ing to light the

pre­vi­ous spread, Morn­ing Rose, oil on can­vas, 24" x 24" above, Pale Or­ange Rose, oil on can­vas, 30" x 30" right top, Pink Peony, oil on can­vas, 20" x 20" right bot­tom, Pale Pink Dahlia, oil on can­vas, 00" x 00"

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