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Pi­etro Adamo has a favourite among his works – the next one! Se­ri­ously, he is al­ways fo­cused on what is com­ing next and on making this his best piece ever. Which may come from the fact that each work is a chance to ex­plore the depth and com­plex­ity of the world. "It is pure ab­stract ex­pres­sion­ism which con­tin­ues to be the driv­ing force in all of my cur­rent work," ad­mits Pi­etro. "It taunts me, it con­tin­ues to beckon me, and pushes my lim­its. Peo­ple who ap­pre­ci­ate the Giar­dini se­ries of­ten com­ment on its ab­stract na­ture, even though they see a gar­den or meadow. In­deed, it is the un­der­ly­ing chaotic na­ture of na­ture it­self that in­ter­ests me. It is al­ways new and, as such, I rarely have an in­ter­est in cap­tur­ing or rep­re­sent­ing any­thing. There is truth in ab­stract paint­ing. It has to do with the con­stant that is change. I have yet to tire of it. I may never want to leave it, as there is much to ex­plore." This is hardly a sur­prise when you see the artists Pi­etro counts among his in­spi­ra­tions: Mor­ris­seau, Thomp­son, Snow, Moli­nari, Pol­lock, Pi­casso, Shad­bolt, Warhol, Rauschen­berg, Rothko, Wieland, Riopelle and Les Au­toma­tistes.

From Teacher to Mas­ter

Pi­etro Adamo grew up in the "Christie Pits" area of Toronto and spent the first decade of his life there be­fore mov­ing to Weston in 1965. Dur­ing the 1960s and ‘70s he at­tended Emery Col­le­giate and then went on to an Art and Art History pro­gram at the Univer­sity of Toronto and Sheri­dan Col­lege in Oakville. At that time he

left, Mia Donna, mixed me­dia on can­vas, 48" x 40" above, Un­ti­tled, mixed me­dia on can­vas, 12" x 12"

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