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Rose Tan­ner has al­ways loved art and draw­ing. Fol­low­ing high school, she went to the Academy of Art Univer­sity in San Fran­cisco and then be­gan work­ing for a pub­lish­ing house as a type­set­ter and lay­out artist. Even­tu­ally, Rose owned retail stores and a farm­ing op­er­a­tion, but it was al­ways the cre­ative side of the busi­ness that she en­joyed most. When she sold her busi­ness in 2009, she de­cided to go back to her first love and be­gan tak­ing cour­ses (on­line) at the Academy of Art Univer­sity again. It was 29 years later and she had come full cir­cle. Rose had the good for­tune of paint­ing and study­ing with Daniel Keys. "Daniel has in­cred­i­ble skill and has taught me a great deal on tra­di­tional oil paint­ing. I like to paint out­doors as much as pos­si­ble to keep my eyes fresh. Birds give me a rea­son to spend time in na­ture. Marshes, rook­eries, lakes, jun­gles and mi­gra­tions, th­ese are the places I find in­spi­ra­tion and end­less sub­ject mat­ter. Be­ing in na­ture and watch­ing birds in the wild is my favourite pas­time. If you watch closely enough you can see birds dance, sing and ex­press true joy." Rose uses a long lens and good cam­era

equip­ment to cap­ture th­ese mo­ments, and then spends hours sort­ing through the im­ages look­ing for the magic and a way to ex­press her in­spi­ra­tion in a paint­ing. She likes to take a con­tem­po­rary ap­proach to the com­po­si­tion by get­ting in close to show the emo­tion of a bird. "I’ll never for­get my first ad­ven­ture, to see a mass of birds in the chaos of a rook­ery above an al­li­ga­tor breed­ing marsh. So busy nest­ing, hatching, feed­ing and avoid­ing the al­li­ga­tors, the birds hardly no­tice you’re there. They were large wad­ing birds like heron, egrets and storks. I couldn’t be­lieve how gan­gly, hun­gry and vul­ner­a­ble the ba­bies were, and then watch­ing the moth­ers try­ing to keep up the feed­ing. It left quite an im­pres­sion on me and I knew I had to see more." Among her many ad­ven­tures, Rose Tan­ner has watched the sun­rise over the marshes in the Bosque del Apache, New Mex­ico with thou­sands of sand­hill cranes. She has wit­nessed the colour­ful fall­out of the song­bird mi­gra­tion in Galve­ston, Texas, and spot­ted the en­dan­gered black-fronted pip­ing guan in the jun­gle of Ar­gentina. "But some of my fond­est mem­o­ries are right in my own back­yard where the robins eat the berries and col­lect worms for their young, or on a small boat with my hus­band at a nearby lake watch­ing and lis­ten­ing for the call of the loon. Th­ese are truly spe­cial mo­ments in life."

above, Just Fledged, oil on linen, 24" x 30" right top, The Call­ing, oil on linen, 11" x 14" right bot­tom-left, Bal­ti­more Ori­ole, oil on linen, 11" x 14" right bot­tom-right, Long Mi­gra­tion, oil on linen, 8" x 10"

left top, An­gry Bird, oil on linen, 8" x 10" left bot­tom, Spirit of The Al­berta Birds of Prey, oil on linen, 16" x 20" above, The Of­fer­ing, oil on linen, 16" x 20"

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