The Power of Hope

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At first glance, the art­work of Hashim Han­noon seems sim­plis­tic and child­like. There are bright colours and ex­ag­ger­ated shapes, a blurred qual­ity to the lines and a sense of shift­ing dy­namism which draws you in. Then, the emo­tional con­tent comes to life and the depth of mean­ing over­takes you. So, leave the sim­plic­ity be­hind and what you will find is an ab­stract ex­pres­sion­ist who paints re­al­ism. The art of Hashim cap­tures a balance be­tween form and colour, while bring­ing to life his unique per­spec­tive in­flu­enced by the hard­ship of war. In his work you will find the painful mem­o­ries of wartime brought into the light and given the power to bring hope. Vi­tal­ity, light and colour bub­bling up to ra­di­ate op­ti­mism. At the same time, there is emo­tional re­al­ism show­ing that hope is only nec­es­sary be­cause of hard­ship. "The sev­eral wars in my coun­try made me es­cape from re­al­ity and go back to my child­hood mem­o­ries," ex­plains Hashim, "as these would help me in por­tray­ing a bright fu­ture full with hope." It was, in fact, his par­ents who first en­cour­aged him to pur­sue the visual arts. They saw that he was able to ex­press him­self so well through creative

left, Berth, acrylic on can­vas, 30" x 30" above, Sunny Week­end, acrylic on can­vas, 30" x 30"

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