Take a Leap of Faith You Have to Be­lieve

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And what is it you have to be­lieve in? Why you can ac­com­plish what­ever the task, you have given up be­fore you even start. Life is like that, a se­ries of risks and re­wards – some great, some small. As artists, busi­ness en­trepreneurs, ar­ti­sans and crafts­peo­ple some­times the hur­dles are over­whelm­ing and we pull back just too afraid to jump that high or dream that big. We have to weigh the se­cu­rity of friends and fam­ily and some­times just be­ing able to eat. No mat­ter our fear, for us it is very real even though some­times to oth­ers it might seem ridicu­lous. Every cre­ative per­son has to be­lieve in them­selves and be­fore you can en­ter­tain the idea of sell­ing your prod­uct or ser­vice to some­one else pas­sion and a com­mit­ment be­fore oth­ers will value your ideas and artis­tic view­point. Just last week I was talk­ing to an artist on the tele­phone about how and when he had de­cided that he was now on the right track – that he was go­ing to suc­ceed with his pho­to­graphs. At what point did he de­cide that this was the only thing he could do – this would be his artis­tic jour­ney and pro­fes­sion. For him, as for most of us, it was that “LEAP OF FAITH” that took hold again – just sim­ply a be­lief in him­self and what he could do. He is lucky that he has a sup­port­ive part­ner who can share both the risks and re­wards and give him en­cour­age­ment. Oth­ers take that leap and soar with­out the help of wings or an um­brella. Now that may seem fool­hardy or brave to oth­ers but it is just what they needed to do. His de­ci­sion re­minded me of my own. I Be­lieve in Ara­bella I be­lieve in what I do, what I write and what we place in the pages of Ara­bella. Ten years ago it was a huge risk and today the same risks in an ever-chang­ing mar­ket place still ap­ply. Some­times the ques­tion goes back to – yes, but are the re­wards worth it? Well we are not get­ting rich, but we can buy gro­ceries, we have a nice home and some great friends, fam­ily and furry four legged bud­dies to snug­gle up with. But for me the big­gest re­ward is twofold – it comes from the artists whose sto­ries we tell and the read­ers who read them. This is­sue, I am sure we don’t have to even write this – we were late go­ing to print – re­ally late. So late that some peo­ple weren’t sure that there was go­ing to be an­other is­sue of Ara­bella. Count­less num­bers of read­ers phoned in, mes­saged me, and sent emails. Like me they wanted an­other is­sue of Ara­bella. Some were not happy and some were just con­cerned be­cause Ara­bella had be­come part of their life and for that we thank them so much. Our World Ara­bella is my life, my vi­sion, my world and both my part­ner and I love what we are able to pro­duce and send out to the read­ing pub­lic. But this year some huge changes oc­curred in our world. First our de­signer of ten years went on to an­other op­por­tu­nity. He and his wife, Daniela, be­came the proud par­ents of a beau­ti­ful baby girl, Alessandra Cristina. We un­der­stood the need and time com­mit­ment for fam­ily and work and we wish him well. David Di Benedetto shared our jour­ney since the be­gin­ning and we

will miss him and his con­tri­bu­tion to Ara­bella. de­signer or de­sign team to help us put this beast ( and I say that lov­ingly) to­gether. This is not a sim­ple project, this is a book three or four times a year and each story has to be writ­ten (all of the mag­a­zine is orig­i­nal edi­to­rial) and then each story has to be put to­gether and de­signed with full colour im­ages in such a way as to de­light, daz­zle and tan­ta­lize the reader. We want the reader to feel that they have where the walls are lined with paint­ings of all shapes, sizes, medi­ums and sub­jects. And at the end of it all it has to be beau­ti­ful, in­ter­est­ing and rel­e­vant. Not an easy task and never the same - there is no tem­plate for what we do. Ara­bella is like a large mu­ral wan­der­ing in and out of time and space. One that we hope keeps the reader’s at­ten­tion both vis­ually and ver­bally un­til the last step in the jour­ney is done.

This Year

So this year will and won’t be dif­fer­ent. Ara­bella will con­tinue to be pub­lished and we will ex­plore the worlds of new and unique artists, ar­ti­sans and crafts­peo­ple. We will meet new peo­ple and take new jour­neys both in our mind and on the road. To date we have pub­lished two books; the new­est Ara­bella, The Love of Flow­ers is keep­ing me ex­tra busy do­ing book sign­ings at dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions. Feel free to ask if we are com­ing soon to your city or town. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date on our web site. We will soon get started on two new and ex­cit­ing projects, de­tails to be an­nounced later and we will work re­ally hard to get Ara­bella out in a timely mat­ter to keep our read­ers happy. But most im­por­tantly we will work with our artists and gal­leries to help sell art. Be­cause the earth is just dirt with­out art.


Be well, be cre­ative and be kind

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