Why split test­ing your face­book ads is a must

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I con­tinue my series on Face­book mar­ket­ing to­day with a dis­cus­sion on Split Test­ing.

Just so you know, split test­ing is an im­por­tant as­pect of Face­book Ads op­ti­miza­tion. Not all ad ob­jec­tives sup­port split test­ing so it’s good to be aware of which Face­book ob­jec­tives do: • Reach

• Traf­fic

• En­gage­ment

• App in­stalls

• Video views

• Lead gen­er­a­tion • Con­ver­sions

• Cat­a­log sales

If you’re on the fence about split test­ing, and whether it’s worth your time and money, read this short ar­ti­cle to find out some of the ben­e­fits:

You don’t need to guess at what’s work­ing and what’s not With split test­ing, you get to cross off your list all those el­e­ments that are not work­ing for your ads. By the end of a few tests, you’ll know ex­actly what’s work­ing, what’s res­onat­ing with your au­di­ence and what’s not. This not only helps you save time in the fu­ture – you’re not go­ing to re-use those el­e­ments which are proven fail­ures, right? – but you are also a step closer to cre­at­ing the per­fect high-con­vert­ing ad for your busi­ness.

Your re­sults are not due to luck

Some peo­ple get lucky with their first ad­vert. But they’re few and far be­tween. If you de­pend on luck, you’re not go­ing to get very far. Ad­ver­tis­ing means you need to spend money to reach peo­ple. If you de­pend on luck, you’re throw­ing money to the wind. With split test­ing, you can pin­point ex­actly what made your ad suc­cess­ful. You can say with cer­tainty that these el­e­ments are the rea­son for your ad’s suc­cess – and you can use the same el­e­ments again in your fu­ture cam­paigns.

It’s a wor­thy in­vest­ment

With split test­ing, you get to spend money while test­ing, but once you find a win­ning cam­paign, you can eas­ily re­cover the cash you’ve paid for those failed ad­verts. You just need to have a de­tailed plan in mind and at least have an idea of the kinds of el­e­ments you’d want to test. There’s an in­fi­nite num­ber of el­e­ments and com­bi­na­tions for every ad­vert, so you need to nar­row down your choices from the get-go and pre­serve your cash. This is the smart way to do split tests – have a the­ory or ob­jec­tive in mind and set to prove that the­ory right (or wrong).

Your Take away

Un­less you’ve al­ready cre­ated a lot of Face­book ad cam­paigns, it’ll be pretty hard for you to pre­dict which one will work best. Spilt test­ing will help you to quickly un­cover your most ef­fec­tive ads.

Of course, every good mar­ket­ing plan is not made-up of a sin­gle ac­tion, but rather of sev­eral re­lated ac­tions that all work in con­cert with each other. Call us, we’d love to help you!

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