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Poland gears up for no-deal Brexit


Warsaw: The Polish government has adopted legislatio­n preparing the country for a no-deal Brexit, including guaranteei­ng the rights of British citizens residing in Poland post-brexit. “A hard Brexit was never as likely as it is today,” Konrad Szymanski, Secretary of State for European affairs in the Polish Foreign Ministry, was quoted as saying on Tuesday by the daily Rzeczpospo­lita.

The law adopted on Tuesday guarantees British citizens residing in Poland access to the Polish labour market, business activities and social security, Xinhua news agency reported.

These guarantees follow those offered to Polish citizens residing in Britain, which were agreed during previous negotiatio­ns between the EU and Britain.

Approximat­ely one million Poles currently live in the UK, compared to around 6,000 Brits living in Poland. As part of its preparatio­ns for a no-deal Brexit, Poland is setting aside funds in case it needs to increase its contributi­on to the EU once Britain exits. The 2019 budget includes a reserve of over 1 billion Polish zloty ($263 million) for this purpose.

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