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ICBC and police warn speeding drivers ahead of long weekend


B.C. highways will be busier than ever this long weekend. Drivers may be tempted to speed to try to get to their destinatio­n sooner but the reality is, speeding increases your risk of crashing and it’s the top contributi­ng factor in fatal crashes in B.C.

On average, four people are killed and 630 people injured in 2,300 crashes across the province over the B.C. Day long weekend.

That’s why ICBC and police are urging drivers to slow down. When you slow down, you see more of the road and have more time to react.

If you’re caught speeding, you end up paying in a number of ways – from increased insurance premiums to fines and impoundmen­t.

ICBC’S tips for a safe road trip:

• Plan your route and check road conditions at before you leave.

• Don’t speed up as someone is trying to pass you. Help the other driver get back into your lane by slowing down and making room.

• Be realistic about travel times. Long weekend travel can take longer due to congestion. Don’t rush to make up time – slow down to reduce your risk of crashing and arrive safely. • Stay focused and avoid distractio­ns that take your mind off driving and your eyes off the road. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of crashes so remember to leave your phone alone. If you’re a driver with less than four years of experience, you can sign-up to participat­e in ICBC’S upcoming telematics pilot project.

• Make a game of looking for motorcycle­s. Have every passenger guess how many motorcycle­s you’ll see during the drive and then count them as you go. It’s a great way to teach young drivers to look for motorcycli­sts. Regional statistics:

• Over the B.C. Day long weekend, 470 people were injured in 1,400 crashes throughout the Lower Mainland in 2018.

• Over the B.C. Day long weekend, 74 people were injured in 310 crashes on Vancouver Island in 2018. • Over the B.C. Day long weekend, 78 people were injured in 360 crashes throughout the Southern Interior in 2018. • Over the B.C. Day long weekend, 24 people were injured in 130 crashes throughout the North Central region in 2018.

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