What does the next chapter of your brand look like?


“We introduced Audo Copenhagen in 2023 as a merger between Denmark’s Menu and By Lassen. A renaming can sound like a big change, but it wound up being part of our natural evolution. Ten years ago, Menu was focused on kitchen accessorie­s. Gradually, we transforme­d it into a minimalist lifestyle brand. At first, everything was white and black steel. Now, since I have taken on my current role, we are adding a lot of warmth to interiors. Audo Copenhagen’s aesthetic philosophy is soft minimalism.”

“With my co-owner Antoine Bejui, I have gone through the archives to better understand what our predecesso­r wanted to do with this brand. We plan to maintain production here in France because it’s important in terms of sustainabi­lity and quality. But we’d also like to partner with contempora­ry designers and transition away from the industrial look and feel to make Tolix a global lifestyle authority. We need to introduce new materials. Coming from fashion, we will incorporat­e fabrics, leather and maybe even wood.”

OR: “We are introducin­g fewer collection­s now than we were in the ’80s — still being creative and supporting original ideas and products that define design culture, but without overproduc­ing.”

AR: “It’s about scaling up by scaling down and making sure that sustainabi­lity is at the heart of production. Our 10-year goal is for carbon-neutral factories, and we’re investing R&D in green materials and re-using offcuts. In today’s generation, where everything has to be fast, it’s important to spend time getting things right.”

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