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“You have a pack­age wait­ing for re­de­liv­ery”

AT­TACK VEC­TOR: Emails from de­liv­ery com­pa­nies like DHL, Fed/ex and UPS THE SCAM: A com­pany emails you to say it tried but failed to de­liver a pack­age–and asks you to click a link to have it re­de­liv­ered. The link will then take you to a dodgy web­site or in­stall a virus THE GOAL: Iden­tity theft, mal­ware or key­stroke log­ger in­ser­tion THE TELL: When you click on the sender's ad­dress, it's from a dif­fer­ent do­main or ends in a for­eign coun­try suf­fix. Gram­mar and spell­ing er­rors FEAR FAC­TOR: $$ or $$$$$–if you ac­tu­ally click on the link

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