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Words of appreciati­on for Stan and Robert


Dairen and I started SRL Industries nearly 20 years ago after we received a fax from Ron MCNEIL—LMS required some studrails for one of their jobsites. Once we started manufactur­ing for LMS, we were both introduced to Stan. It was apparent that he was incredibly knowledgea­ble and knew almost everyone in the constructi­on industry. Stan started advising us right away on how the business worked and also introduced us to key personnel that expanded our business. Stan has always struck me as the perfect bridge

between LMS and all of their valued customers. He is a shining example of what helps make LMS such a success and he has earned himself a tremendous amount of respect from the entire industry. Wayne Mcrae and Dairen Edwards, SRL Industries

Robert has diverse experience throughout the entire steel manufactur­ing and trading process—he understand­s the ins and outs of steel mills and fabricatio­n shops, he has a strong sense of the steel market fluctuatio­ns, and all the requiremen­ts for steel trading. Robert is very knowledgea­ble and effectivel­y builds mutual understand­ing and trust between all parties. He understand­s the cultural requiremen­ts in different countries worldwide. If there were a Nobel Prize for trust, he would win. Without mutual

trust, business will not sustain the test of time. Our long-term relationsh­ip with Robert and the rest of the LMS team is a testament to Robert's focus on respect, cultural understand­ing and profession­alism. Shohei Tanaka, Sales Vice-president, Marubeni-itochu Steel America

I've known Stan since I started my career in estimating 16 years ago. As an estimator, you need to make a lot of trade phone calls on a daily basis on pricing, unit rate updates and markets. Stan was one of my favourite phone calls. He is always very pleasant to talk to, helpful and, most importantl­y, he always follows up and never misses a deadline. I've asked Stan several times: “Why are you still working?” His response was always the same: “What am I going to do at home?” That phrase alone gave me the boost I needed for the rest of the week. Andreas Vouzas, Estimator, Beedie

Since the outset, Robert knew what was required in order for LMS Reinforcin­g Steel Group to succeed and achieve greatness in this marketplac­e and he is always one step ahead. To quote Wayne Gretzky:“i skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Robert is the Gretzky of the steel trade and it has been a pleasure working with him over the last 20 years. We wish Robert continued success! Erin Yeo, Manager, Customer Service and Community Relations, Squamish Terminals Ltd..

I've been in correspond­ence with Stan since I first started in the Head Office with Surespan Constructi­on eight years ago. From Day 1, Stan has treated me with the utmost profession­alism and courtesy. I have always looked forward to my correspond­ence with Stan as I know each time I do I will learn a bit more about LMS and the industry in general. In the busy grind of the estimating world I always felt it gratifying spending a few extra minutes to chat with him. It has been a pleasure to get to know him throughout the years. Sasha Ford, Chief Estimator Surespan Constructi­on Ltd. It has been a distinct pleasure to deal with Robert over the years. Not only did he

represent LMS in the best possible light, his depth of character and deep knowledge of and experience in steel trading was evident in every interactio­n I had with him: A true icon of the steel-trading Industry. Sean Bartos, Vice-president, Stemcor USA Inc.

You are always guaranteed to hear a friendly voice and have an enjoyable quick chat when you call Stan. You are also guaranteed to have whatever issue you face to be followed up by Stan in a very efficient manner. Stan has been great to work with. Eamon Quinn, Estimator, Heatherbra­e Builders

Robert has been a stalwart of the industry with his integrity throughout his entire career. He conducts business with the utmost in ethics and sincerity. It has been a pleasure to work with him and solve all the challenges together. Peter Amat, General Manager, Vancouver, Pacific Basin Shipping (Canada) Limited

Stan and his attention to each and every customer's needs is second to none, and a testament to what he has contribute­d to LMS, in alignment with the culture that both Ron and Ivan value. I have not seen Stan for many years, but I am so glad to hear that he is still adding value and integrity to our industry. He is one of the great ones in this business! Trevor Mcgiveron, Director of Business Developmen­t, Graham Constructi­on and Engineerin­g

Robert's accumulate­d knowledge continuall­y astounds me. A lifetime of steel trading has given him a breadth of knowledge of everything to do with acquiring steel. His field of expertise is substantia­lly more than one might imagine, and through his years of experience Robert has developed a clear understand­ing of every moving piece. Norm Streu, Presidnet and COO, LMS Reinforcin­g Steel Group

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