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It's not just spring break that has B.C.'S airports booming. Here's a closer look at an industry that's really taking off

by Melissa Edwards


There are airports, airfields, heliports and float plane aerodromes in B.C.


are federally certified as airports


are owned by Transport Canada


are part of the National Airport System (NAS)

B.C. airports 20% manage of Canada's total airport traffic and 1/4 almost of its takeoffs and landings Airport activities support the employment of 126,000 people across the province


Price the City of Abbotsford paid to the federal government to take ownership of its airport in 1997

Airport revenue in 2018: $3.8 million

Projected annual revenue for 2020: $4.8 million


AIRCRAFT TAKEOFF – 1910 (from Minoru Park Racetrack, Richmond) AIRFIELD – 1927 (Lansdowne Road, Victoria) SCHEDULED PASSENGER SERVICE

– 1928 (Vancouver-victoria-seattle) PASSENGER DEPARTURE FEE – 1993 (YVR; $15 for those leaving B.C.)

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