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Minto Roy and Lee Gieschen started Social Print Paper a decade ago with a bold mission: to create a world that never uses trees to make paper. The pair set out to create an eco-friendly product, but they had broader ambitions, Roy explains. “Our first goal was, we need to make a paper that looks, feels and performs to the same standard as traditiona­l wood-fibre paper.”

Roy and Gieschen decided to make their paper out of bagasse, the waste fibre from sugar cane. Sugar Sheet copy paper reduces agricultur­al fibre waste in landfills, combats deforestat­ion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is recyclable and compostabl­e. Two boxes save one tree and 68 kilograms of carbon dioxide, according to a 2018 assessment by ESG research firm S&P Global Trucost.

Social Print worked with big companies like Canon, Hewlett Packard and Xerox to review paper quality and performanc­e. It then struck deals with office supplies giants such as Grand & Toy, Hamster/novexco and Staples Advantage, plus regional distributo­rs nationwide.

Besides London Drugs, which sells Sugar Sheet paper at all of its stores, local organizati­ons that have made the switch include Telus Corp., Translink and UBC. Every year, Social Print sends those clients eco-savings reports, Roy says. “They can offset their carbon tax payable, which is a real, tangible value beyond just sustainabl­e value.”

 ?? ?? SWEET SPOT Minto Roy shows off his company's Sugar Sheet paper
SWEET SPOT Minto Roy shows off his company's Sugar Sheet paper

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