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Liq­uids are emul­sions of wa­ter and oil, the lat­ter of which could be a type of sil­i­cone fluid or a plant or min­eral oil. The wa­ter por­tion is what feels light and re­fresh­ing on your skin, while the oil is what leaves you feel­ing mois­tur­ized. Liq­uid foun­da­tions tend to have a higher level of emol­lients, which makes them more sheer and eas­ier to smooth over your skin with your fin­gers or another tool. Since aging skin is dry by na­ture, for­mu­las that con­tain ex­tra humec­tants, such as glyc­er­ine, are es­pe­cially help­ful to achieve a fresh, glow­ing ap­pear­ance. Liq­uids that are spe­cially la­belled for oily or acne-prone skin tend to con­tain more pow­ders and medic­i­nal in­gre­di­ents to help absorb se­bum and keep break­outs at bay. “As you be­come older, your skin be­comes lack­lus­tre and begins to sag,” says Tilbury. She for­mu­lated her lat­est Magic Foun­da­tion for­mula, which is es­pe­cially flat­ter­ing to aging skin, with hyaluronic fill­ing spheres to help plump up the ap­pear­ance

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