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COM­MON MISTAKES Round­ing your shoul­ders for­ward and po­si­tion­ing your back in­cor­rectly (which in­creases your risk of a lower-back in­jury) THE SO­LU­TION Main­tain­ing proper form, hold­ing dumb­bells while stand­ing tall, with your chest high and shoul­ders back

• Keep your knees bent (your knee po­si­tion should re­main fixed through­out the ex­er­cise).

• With a straight back and nat­u­ral curve in your spine, slowly hinge for­ward from your hips into a po­si­tion where you feel your ham­strings stretch­ing.

• Keep your weight on your heels and your dumb­bells close to your body while re­turn­ing back to the start­ing po­si­tion.

• Re­peat for one minute.

NOTE: Keep your core tight and main­tain the nat­u­ral curve in your lower back through­out the move­ment.

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