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IT’S TIME, MY FRIENDS: WE’RE cartwheel­ing into the new year with our best in­ten­tions to be rock­ing and rolling with health and vi­brancy for 2017. To make this hap­pen, it means break­ing some old habits and, more im­por­tantly, bring­ing in some new ones. I know change can be sticky at times, but it’s the good kind of stress – the kind that lets us shake up our old rou­tines and sparkle with fresh­ness.

In this is­sue, I want to see how much sparkle you can han­dle with the in­tro­duc­tion of one of my su­per­faves: chlorella. This food-based sup­ple­ment is a pow­er­house on the detox front, and your cells are go­ing to thank me! What may not thank me is your sense of smell – this good­ness is strongly scented. You’ve been warned, but have no fear: I know you can han­dle it! also ab­sorb them from the en­vi­ron­ment, mak­ing the qual­ity of chlorella im­por­tant. As with many sup­ple­ments, you get what you pay for. The cheap and cheer­ful chlorella may be laden with heavy met­als, so in­dulge in a good-qual­ity prod­uct that’s reg­u­larly tested. My go-to source is Canada’s superfood com­pany, Giddy Yoyo. re­duces the ef­fects of ox­ida­tive stress in smok­ers. An ex­tra bonus: It may also in­crease the ac­tiv­ity of nat­u­ral killer cells – the white blood cells that work to bat­tle in­fec­tions in the body – thereby giv­ing your im­mune sys­tem a boost.

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