We caught up with celeb hair guru Harry Josh for his tips on tam­ing tresses and learn­ing to love your locks, what­ever the tex­ture

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Celeb hair guru Harry Josh on em­brac­ing your tex­ture

BEST SUM­MER TIP! If you’re head­ing to the beach, don’t waste time on a hair mask. Just slick your hair back with cream or put it in a pony. “The heat from the sun opens up the cu­ti­cle, and the con­di­tioner is re­ally pen­e­trat­ing,” says Josh. Try: John Frieda Frizz Ease Mirac­u­lous Re­cov­ery Deep Con­di­tioner, $11


REA­SON TO EM­BRACE IT If you have curly or frizzy hair, you can go six days with­out hav­ing to wash or wet your hair be­cause it never gets oily or flat. With each new day, you can re­work your hair with­out hav­ing to start from scratch. TRESS TAC­TICS

1. Fight your bat­tles in the shower: Use the right sham­poo and con­di­tioner for your hair needs.

2. When dry­ing hair, don’t rough it up; just blot or put it up in a 45-sec­ond tur­ban to get rid of drips.

3. Di­vide hair into four and ap­ply your favourite serum or mousse. You can dif­fuse it if you want or just let it air-dry.

As the week un­folds, you’ve got op­tions: Use a curl­ing iron to de­fine flat­tened curls, sleep in braids, wrap your hair in a bun to stretch out the wave or use a head­band. “Work with your God-given hair tex­ture rather than fight it,” says Josh.


REA­SON TO EM­BRACE IT The ad­van­tage to this hair type is that you have the abil­ity to style it faster than any­one else. With the right prod­ucts and a few dry­ing tips, you’ll be able to get the vol­ume you crave – and quickly. TRESS TAC­TICS

1. Work in a bit of vo­lu­mizer straight out of the shower. Lift up the roots with your fin­ger­tips and aim the blowdryer at them – the goal is to get your hair stand­ing up from your scalp.

2. The minute your hair feels dry, press the cold shot and hold for 10 sec­onds. Re­peat on the next sec­tion. It’s best to work in long rows, from front to back.

3. Once your roots are set, style the rest as usual. If it flat­tens in the day’s heat, sim­ply spritz your hair with dry sham­poo. “It’s re­ally about mas­ter­ing those few ex­tra min­utes in the morn­ing so that they’re use­ful and you un­der­stand the pur­pose of why you’re do­ing it,” says Josh. “It will give you a lot more vol­ume than you’ve ever had.” b

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