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What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

I don’t think there’s any­thing that I wish I knew then. I’ve tried my best to live my life on pur­pose – on my pur­pose. One of the mantras I keep with me all the time – that I was ex­posed to at 18 years old – is that, re­gard­less of whether I see it or not, the uni­verse is un­fold­ing in per­fect or­der. I feel very pleased with where I am.

What’s your best ad­vice?

Hands down, the best ad­vice is to have a sense of vi­sion. I was lucky enough to get into a train­ing pro­gram that never would have been af­ford­able for a non­profit like the one I worked for at the time and to have the per­son who was lead­ing it sit down and talk to me about vi­sion­ing. They said to make this a prac­tice. It’s the sin­gle most im­por­tant skill I’ve learned, and I con­sis­tently ap­ply it, day in and day out. I al­ways go back to that skill, es­pe­cially when things get hard.

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