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WHAT TO LIFT Three- to 10-pound dumb­bells. (Opt for a heav­ier weight if you can eas­ily do the rec­om­mended 12 reps per set or a lighter weight if you can’t com­plete eight reps with good tech­nique.)

WARM UP FIRST To pre­vent in­jury and en­hance your work­out, start by walk­ing, cy­cling or climb­ing stairs for five to seven min­utes. This will warm up mus­cles, lu­bri­cate joints and grad­u­ally raise your heart rate.

RE­PEAT MOVES Eight to 12 times (fol­lowed by eight to 12 on the other side, if you’re work­ing one side at a time). Re­peat for a to­tal of two sets per ex­er­cise. Work up to heav­ier weights and three sets per move as you get stronger.

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