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Per­son­al­ized medicine has be­come a buzz­word among the med­i­cal com­mu­nity and for good rea­son — man­ag­ing your risk of dis­ease has be­come eas­ier and more ac­ces­si­ble with the ad­vent of DNA test­ing. But you’re not go­ing to be of­fered a full ge­netic workup at your fam­ily doc­tor’s of­fice just yet, so many pa­tients are turn­ing to di­rect-to-con­sumer ser­vices to find out their risk of fu­ture dis­eases.

One of the more pop­u­lar ge­netic medicine ser­vices, 23andMe, an Amer­i­can com­pany with more than two mil­lion clients world­wide, of­fers cus­tomers a look in­side their genome, re­port­ing on ap­prox­i­mately 70 health con­di­tions and traits. The data is an­a­lyzed through spit, which cus­tomers mail to a lab. In ap­prox­i­mately six to eight weeks, in­di­vid­u­als re­ceive on­line re­ports on their ge­netic health.

There are only four main dis­ease risks that the com­pany cur­rently re­ports on, in­clud­ing late-on­set Alzheimer’s dis­ease, Parkin­son’s dis­ease, al­pha-1 an­tit­rypsin de­fi­ciency, a dis­or­der that causes lung and liver dis­ease,

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