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Make the most of your fave hair re­moval op­tion



Shav­ing wins points when it comes to a con­ve­nient and speedy way to re­move body hair. But it pays to time a ses­sion just right. “Shav­ing a few hours be­fore you hit the beach or pool is a no-no. Your skin is vul­ner­a­ble to the sting­ing ef­fects of chlo­rine and salt wa­ter, as well as sun­tan lo­tions and sun­screens that con­tain al­co­hol,” says Chris­tine Jew, brand man­ager for Women’s Shave at Edgewell Per­sonal Care, “Plan ahead to avoid ir­ri­ta­tion.” Freshly shaved skin needs breath­ing room from daily essen­tials, like de­odor­ant and an­tiper­spi­rant, too. Jew ad­vises to let skin rest for at least 30 min­utes be­fore putting any­thing on it. “To save wait time in the morn­ing, try shav­ing at night,” she says. For the smoothest re­sults, your ra­zor shouldn’t head off to a shav­ing party solo. Make shave gel its plus one. “In­gre­di­ents like lano­lin and vi­ta­min E can help re­plen­ish skin’s mois­ture, leav­ing your legs soft and healthy-look­ing. And the rich lather helps you see where you’ve shaved and where you haven’t — so with gel as your guide, no spots can hide!” says Jew.


As a monthly one-stop op­tion for hair re­moval, wax­ing makes good sense. The process re­moves hair from the fol­li­cle, or root, to de­liver en­hanced smooth­ness. “You’ll get flaw­less re­sults that last three to four weeks, plus wax­ing stunts the hair growth so it starts to min­i­mize,” says Amy Fin­negan Burns, leader ed­u­ca­tor at WAXON Waxbar, with lo­ca­tions in On­tario and Hal­i­fax. There are sev­eral perks to vis­it­ing a pro­fes­sional. “Wax­ol­o­gists are fast — ours can com­plete a Brazil­ian in 15 min­utes — and speed is good for the nerve end­ings. Hold­ing skin taut is also im­por­tant to re­duce pain. With self-wax­ing you tend not to be as stretched out as if you’re get­ting it done on a ta­ble. Plus, we use dif­fer­ent types of wax for dif­fer­ent types of skin and hair,” says Fin­negan Burns. Of course, go­ing the DIY

route is al­ways an op­tion. Fol­low her check­list for smooth sail­ing:

• Prep skin by cleans­ing so the wax prod­uct can ad­here prop­erly. If needed, trim hair first — the ideal length is a lit­tle longer than a grain of rice.

• Al­ways ap­ply wax in the direc­tion of hair growth and re­move it against hair growth.

• Avoid bruis­ing by work­ing quickly, but safely, to pull the wax strip back on it­self. The ideal ac­tion is a wrist flick ver­sus yank­ing up.

• Post-wax, cleanse again and use serum or lo­tion with aloe vera, chamomile or tea tree oil to cool and calm skin.

• Use a sugar-based scrub to ex­fo­li­ate two to three times a week, re­mov­ing dead skin cells re­duces the for­ma­tion of in­grown hairs and aids hy­dra­tion.

This is a first! A ra­zor with bi-di­rec­tional blades al­lows you to shave for­wards and back.SCHICK IN­TU­ITION F.A.B. RA­ZOR,

Re­ju­ve­nates and re­freshes skin with a tex­tured blend of sugar, citrus and cool­ing men­thol.L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE CITRUS VERBENA RE­FRESH­ING EX­FO­LI­AT­ING SUGAR,

For use post-shav­ing or wax­ing, an all-nat­u­ral for­mula of gly­colic acid and chamomile soothes while pre­vent­ing in­grown hairs. PRINCE REIGNS IN­GROWN HAIR SERUM, , WAXON.CA

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