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Emily Stock, a chi­ropodist and founder of Bare­foot Beauty Nat­u­ral Nail Sa­lon & Beauty Bar in Toronto, of­fers th­ese tips for a healthy sa­lon pedi­cure.

1 Look for signs of ster­il­ized in­stru­ments. If your in­stru­ments come straight out of a sealed pouch, this sug­gests they’ve been cleaned in a med­i­cal-grade ster­il­izer, which kills pathogens.

2 Ask for a pol­ish that’s five-free, mean­ing it doesn’t con­tain formalde­hyde, formalde­hyde resin, toluene, cam­phor, or dibutyl ph­tha­late. Th­ese in­gre­di­ents are known to have a va­ri­ety of neg­a­tive health ef­fects, from res­pi­ra­tory ir­ri­ta­tion to car­cino­gen ac­tiv­ity.

3 Beware of ra­zors or other sharp tools. Nail tech­ni­cians are not trained to use sharp in­stru­ments and their tools may not be dis­in­fected well enough to pro­tect you from blood-borne dis­eases.

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