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The lat­est fat-blast­ing pro­ce­dure prom­ises re­sults in six weeks, with no down­time. Too good to be true? Beth Thomp­son in­ves­ti­gates.



jelly belly. Frus­trat­ing be­cause the fat re­fuses to budge no mat­ter how hard I ex­er­cise, yet jig­gles hap­pily at the slight­est move. Ex­as­per­ated, I signed up for a round of cry­olipol­y­sis a few years ago. Cry­olipol­y­sis is a method of get­ting rid of fat by freez­ing it. Re­mov­ing the heat from the fat cells causes them to crys­tal­lize and die.

Ini­tially, I was pleased with the re­sults, a flat­ter tummy. How­ever, a few months on, I ended up with a dif­fer­ent is­sue, what I’d de­scribe as “div­ots”: pits of re­duced fat ran­domly spread across my ab­domen. Not a good look.

When I heard about SculpSure, I was both in­trigued and ap­pre­hen­sive. SculpSure is also about re­mov­ing fat cells, but it’s done via laser so the cells are heated up rather than frozen. I called up Dr. Diane Wong, founder of Glow Medi Spa in Toronto, to get the low­down.

“The SculpSure laser is very spe­cific in tar­get­ing fat cells at the pre­cise depth to get ex­cel­lent re­sults in a fo­cal area. The heat then gen­tly feath­ers to the neigh­bour­ing fat cells to get a nat­u­ral con­tour while po­ten­tially tight­en­ing the skin as well,” she ex­plained.

Once the cells’ struc­tural in­tegrity is dam­aged, your body nat­u­rally re­moves them through your lym­phatic sys­tem. It’s a per­ma­nent solution, as once the fat cells are gone your body can’t re­grow them.

What re­ally in­trigued me about the pro­ce­dure, though, is that Dr. Wong said it might help cor­rect my asym­me­try.

“Ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties af­ter sur­gi­cal li­po­suc­tion and/or ‘cold freeze’ lipol­y­sis can re­sult, and can be sig­nif­i­cantly both­er­some. They have been de­scribed as ‘shark bites,’ as chunks of fat may have been re­moved leav­ing an un­sightly con­tour. SculpSure of­fers a solution to treat th­ese ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties, and we now have a high de­mand for th­ese re­vi­sion treat­ments,” she said.

Be­cause SculpSure has sev­eral ap­pli­ca­tors that can be ap­plied in var­i­ous con­fig­u­ra­tions, it’s cus­tom­iz­a­ble. “We can fine-tune the re­sults of pre­vi­ous treat­ments by treat­ing the re­main­ing fat that may cause bulges or a lumpy, asym­met­ri­cal ap­pear­ance. Re­sults are a smoother con­tour and more sym­met­ri­cal sil­hou­ette.”

You can guess my re­ac­tion to that news. Be­fore I could say bikini sea­son, I found my­self at her clinic with her as­so­ci­ates map­ping out the tar­get ar­eas on my tummy.

The laser pro­ce­dure only takes 25 min­utes, but there is some prep. First, tech­ni­cians mark the area of con­cern and then strap on plastic frames that hold the trans­duc­ers in place that will de­liver tar­geted heat. You can have four at one time and there are vary­ing sizes for dif­fer­ent body shapes. I had three on my right ab­domen, one on my left, as my pri­or­ity is about re­gain­ing sym­me­try.

It’s un­com­fort­able, but not painful. Tylenol helps. After­ward, I didn’t ex­pe­ri­ence any pain, just ten­der­ness. I went about my day, pas de prob­lème.

I’m ex­cited for the re­sults. Hon­estly, I am em­bar­rassed by how my tummy looks — enough that I tend to avoid cer­tain sit­u­a­tions. Un­til SculpSure, I was afraid I couldn’t rem­edy it, and that re­ally bummed me out. Now I have new hope. It takes six weeks to see early re­sults, 12 weeks to see full re­sults — that can amount to al­most a 25 per­cent re­duc­tion in fat. And, even though I’m only 5 weeks in, I’ve al­ready no­ticed my core is smoother. I’m pumped! Watch for an up­date at

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