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…IS A BIG DEAL. DO YOU REMEMBER hitting double digits? Such a heady experience! Nine was just being a kid, but 10, well, that was admission to a whole new world – something bigger, better and infinitely more exciting.

That’s just one reason why we’re so thrilled to share this issue of Best

Health as we celebrate our 10th year in publishing – no mean feat in this day and age!

We’ve created some amazing food and drink recipes to mark the milestone in festive and healthy ways (pages 52, 62 and 68), and we’re superexcit­ed to be giving away a fabulous seven-day stay for two in sunny Florida. You can read all about this dream vacation, including how to enter, on page 46. Good luck!

But a big birthday is more than just about celebratin­g; it’s also about taking stock of where you’re at while figuring out what you need to move forward. That’s why we’ve dusted off one of our favourite health quizzes from our very first issue (page 40). Take it now to find out how healthy you are, and keep reading the magazine to find ways to enhance or calibrate as necessary. As a Best Health reader, you know how critical good health is and that you need to make every effort count toward that ultimate wellness goal. That’s why I love our article on the ten health fads that really are healthy (page 28). It offers up quick and easy ways to get – and stay – on the path to wellness. A perfect birthday present, I think.

This issue is special in other ways, too: It’s the first in our adjusted frequency of six issues per year, an alteration made to manage the rising costs in paper and postage. What doesn't change, though, is our commitment to providing you with the same great content you've come to expect from

BH. And for readers who signed up for seven issues, don’t worry: If you’ve paid for seven issues, you’ll still receive seven issues – our subscripti­on will simply extend to cover any discrepanc­y.

To all of our long-time readers, many of you whom have been with us from day one, thank you! And to all our new readers, welcome to the club. It’s a pretty nice place to spend some time and a great way to get healthy. Here’s to the next 10 years!

Yours in Best Health,

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